Tracing applications: the EU gets in tune, France apart

by bold-lichterman

EU countries have agreed on a technical solution allowing the compatibility of the vast majority of European contact tracing applications against the coronavirus, which however does not apply to those of France and Hungary . This solution, announced on Tuesday by the European Commission, should ensure that an application developed in one country can work in another, as member states lift restrictions on movement between them, as the tourist season approaches. .

This “interoperability” concerns applications developed in accordance with a so-called “decentralized” architecture, also chosen by Google and Apple. This is the case in at least 17 Member States, six of which have an application that is already working. France has opted with “StopCovid” for a “centralized” approach, involving more data storage in a central server. An approach also favored by Hungary as well as by the United Kingdom.

Reduce“Data consumption

The Commission specifies that it “Continues to support the work carried out by Member States on extending interoperability to tracing applications with different architectures”, without however being able to pronounce on a possible date. Countries that have already developed a “decentralized” application can now update them to allow information exchange on a bilateral basis.

And for ” rationalize the system “, the European executive will create an interface for receiving and transmitting relevant information from national applications, so that a person is alerted if they have been exposed to a contaminated user falling under another application. This server will make it possible to minimize the overall volume of data exchanged, which will reduce users’ data consumption ”, explains the Commission. After a test with several Member States (Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland), this service should be operational during the summer.