TR35 MIT France: and the 10 winners are …

by bold-lichterman

The winners of the 1st edition of the TR35 MIT France have just been announced. Since 2005, the Technology Review magazine of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) lists in its TR35 the 35 most remarkable innovators under 35 years of age in the world.

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Organized for the premiere in France, the TR35 France rewards 10 young French innovators working in fields ranging from biotechnology to software, via semiconductors, transport, energy and research of new materials…

Evaluated by a jury of entrepreneurs, scientists and academics on the basis of their impact on society, their creativity, their risk-taking and the news and progress of their work, the 10 French winners are:

  • Daniel MARHELY, 26 (Deezer)

Develops open technology to access music from any device. The creator of Deezer has just launched the Open Deezer API, a library of functions open to all developers.

  • Abdnennour ABBAS, 33 (University of Washington at Saint Louis)

Develops ultrasensitive biosensors based on artificial antibodies for medical diagnostics that could allow the dissemination of self-diagnosis in individuals through more reliable and sensitive tests detecting pathogens in the early stages of infection.

  • Simon BENMARRAZE, 28 years old (Solar Euromed)

Develops compact thermodynamic solar technology to produce energy more economically and efficiently using a system of mirrors reflecting solar radiation in tubes filled with water, thereby producing steam.

  • David FATTAL, 33 (Hewlett-Packard)

Develops 3D imaging and video on mobile devices, without glasses, whatever your viewing angle. His research, carried out at HP’s Nanophotonics Laboratory in Palo Alto (United States), focuses on the interaction of light with nanostructures.

  • Pierre-Emmanuel GRANGE, 34 years old (microDON)

Develops a daily micro-donation system to increase funding for NGOs via payday donation and donation cards in supermarkets. Salary rounding is a system in which the employee pays a small part of his salary each month.

  • Thibaut MERCEY, 34 years old (Prestodiag)

Develops a rapid detection system for pathogenic bacteria in food consisting of an optical reader and a set of disposable biochips capable of detecting up to “several dozen” microorganisms.

  • Emanuele ORGIU, 34 (University of Strasbourg)

Develops hybrid organic materials that can be optically and electrically controlled, for example taking the form of electronic ink paints transforming a lambda wall into solar panels or clothing with integrated solar cells charging small devices.

  • Etienne Perret, 33 years old (University of Grenoble Alpes – LCIS)

Develops inexpensive, high sensitivity RFID labels that differ from traditional bar codes in their conductive ink “designs” and contain information specific to the products they are printed on, as well as their environment.

  • Massimiliano SALSI, 33 years old (Alcatel-Lucent)

Develops transoceanic cables for the transmission of large volumes of data by optical fiber which will offer a record transmission capacity in relation to the length of the infrastructure: 100 GB per second for each of these channels.

  • Matthieu SONNATI, 28 years old (Ecoat)

Develops plant components for ecological and quick-drying paints composed of at least 95% of raw materials derived from oils or plant waste.

More information on the TR35 MIT France.