[Tour du monde] The 3 spots to know in Barcelona for entrepreneurs

by bold-lichterman


Let’s grind!

I arrived in Barcelona directly from Oktoberfest.

Stopping in Barcelona is inevitable. Having said that, for us it’s a bit special. And yes, our product team is in Barcelona.

The first step was of course to go say hello to them and take Helene on board with me.


There are a few places in Barcelona that you need to know in the start-up / entrepreneur world: Media-Tic, BarcelonActiva and Pier01. Of course there are plenty more, but these are some of the most important.

We started our tour with a visit to Media-Tic, to get a taste of the local ecosystem. This huge building is the headquarters of start-ups, coworking spaces and accelerators. We were able to meet Itziar de Barcelona Activa, which connects the Barcelona tech scene and which makes Barcelona one of the major tech hubs in Europe. Very sympathetic, she introduced us to Richard from StartupBootcamp Barcelona, ​​who did not hesitate to take a few minutes to speak with us, although he was in full rush for the preparation of the new cohort of IoT and data start-ups. . We will definitely keep in touch with him.

We then headed to the main building of Barcelona Activa where we encountered the Seedrocket accelerator. Barcelona Activa is the start-up program most supported by the city of Barcelona. So if you are an entrepreneur looking to integrate into Barcelona, ​​we advise you to go meet them.

It was a good day but the best part was the Startup Grind event. I love the Startup Grind community and am very good friends with Startup Grind New York. So I did not hesitate to go see those in Barcelona.

And we did well to go.

We first had the opportunity to take the microphone and present OneRagtime on stage. I’m almost getting good at public speaking …

In New York, I was used to hearing great speaker, and Barcelona was no exception! Our speaker for the evening was Kamran Elahian. This guy is just amazing! Between being a successful entrepreneur from the age of 26 (and remember that was decades ago) and becoming a mentor of 500 start-ups, his journey is simply crazy.

I am really happy to have met him. He was in Barcelona leading a program for a new kind of university, Harbor Space, but I’ll tell you more about it later when we meet them.

It was cool to connect with the Startup Grind community.

In the top!

We got swag …

We met Diego from Ogilvy Upcelerator. We loved talking to him. We have a common vision of the European start-up ecosystem, connecting people from different European ecosystems to help start-ups thrive in Europe.


We talked a lot about things we could do together and how to help each other. He even invited two start-ups to come and present their project to us; unfortunately they were unable to attend at the last minute and we were therefore unable to meet them. We hope to see them soon.

In the afternoon, we wanted to visit one of the Barcelona tech hubs: Barcelona Tech City in Palau del Mar.


First of all, the spot is simply superb, right on the port, and it is the site of many initiatives. We have to admit that we didn’t choose the best time to travel to Barcelona. Right now there is DLD Tel Aviv, so a lot of people have left.


So, we “just” met Conector. Conector is one of the main accelerators in Barcelona. We met the brand new CEO, Pere Torrents. For the record, Pere was on the board of a start-up with Josep (our CTO for those who don’t know) a few years before. It was great talking to him and we hope to be able to create synergies together.


We ended our day by meeting Muriel Moscardini. She is a serial entrepreneur and French Tech ambassador in Barcelona. It’s simple, if you want to know someone in Barcelona or elsewhere, she probably already knows them. She has that kind of energy that few people have. Top!

Enough work, we went for a beer with OneRagteam on a nice rooftop.

Space Jam!

We were very excited this Friday morning. We were going to meet with Harbor Space University.


Their offices are literally on the water, right in the middle of the Port of Barcelona. This university is an alternative education program. To apply, each student must present an entrepreneurship project and pass a math test. They focus in particular on design and tech. They don’t have real teachers. Instead they have mentors from top start-ups and companies around the world who come to teach specific topics in 2-3 week sessions.

We really appreciate these new models of education, like the Team Academy in Amsterdam. We can’t wait to see the new kind of entrepreneurs and start-ups that will emerge from these kinds of programs. And we are already invited to their demo day.

Last night Muriel introduced us to Urs. Urs is Swiss and he is in charge of Founder Institute Barcelona. We already knew FI but very little about their programs. It’s done. It’s a cool initiative, and just talking to Urs was great.

Back with the team. For the last meeting in Barcelona, ​​we went with the full team. We returned to the main Barcelona Activa building for a guided tour. Barcelona Activa has been active with start-ups for over 30 years!


Lots of great boxes come from there.

Helene left me once again, and the team went back to work on developing one of the coolest apps to come.

I wanted to go back to Barcelona Startup Week. It was their last day, and it was the end of their pitch competition. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a pitch that I particularly liked, but I did meet the organizer. Apparently he’s a star in Brazil, and I really like what he does. Basically he is organizing a pitch competition Euro-Trip. We have to talk to him.


Now is the time to sit down and enjoy Barcelona. A friend introduced me to a French entrepreneur who lives in Barcelona, ​​it’s time to grab some drinks and find out what’s going on in the city’s nightlife.


I have my Saturday to enjoy Barcelona, ​​and Sunday I fly to Lisbon to continue the OneRagtime Startup Tour.

Next stop: Lisbon


Antoine Delanglade is an Entrepreneur in Residence for OneRagtime. Passionate about extreme sports and a full-time traveler, he helps brands create new experiences for millennials, capitalizing on the power of technology and communities. For OneRagtime, he participates in the animation of the OneRagtime community, mainly in circles of young entrepreneurs and influencers, around the world. Always up to date with the latest tech news and innovations, he helps identify the best investment opportunities for OneRagtime.

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