[Tour du monde] Tech assets from the Good Mother to …

by bold-lichterman

Antoine Delanglade traveled the world for a month where he met start-ups and entrepreneurs. He tells about his adventure for FrenchWeb.

After a little warm-up in Marseille, my hometown, it’s high time to get going.

I am from Marseilles, I grew up in Marseilles, and yet I knew nothing at all about the start-up ecosystem which was growing under the watchful eye of our Good Mother. In my defense, I lived for 3 years in the US, and apart from 3 semesters of school at Euromed Business School (Kedge now), I have never worked or been exposed to what is happening, it is not an excuse, well, a little anyway …

Marseille, and the South of France in general, has everything you need to be able to become a Silicon Valley “à la Française” with the bonus of good wine and good food (California certainly has good wine, but for once I am chauvinistic). There are a lot of resources waiting to be used.

· Excellent universities (Aix Marseille University, Central Marseille, Kedge BS …)

Strategic geographical position (few people know that Marseille is a hub for the transmission of data between Europe and Africa / Middle East)

Large dynamic groups wanting to help start-ups (CMA CGM)

· Superb programs for start-ups and entrepreneurs (Marseille Innovation, La Belle de Mai Media center, Kedge BS business nursery, soon the Camp… even if in Aix…)

· Active investors (Tertium by Pierre Grand Dufay for “growth stage” investments, P-Factory, the incubator by Bertrand Bigay, etc.)

· And the people, because the southerners have always been fantastic (and yeah, take that Paris)!


I’m writing to you from the train, heading for Paris, and early tomorrow morning I’m flying to Berlin to get things serious. I’ll be back home in a little over a month, having visited 8 countries, and hopefully (but I’m not worried too much) after meeting more great people, from entrepreneurs to overflowing envy, and ambitious start-ups than I can imagine.

So fasten your seatbelts it’s the start of the most exciting start-up tour ever, and I’ll take you with me.

We fly to Berlin

Ich bin ein Berliner…

Hubert, Venture Catalyst for OneRagtime, joined me for a very early morning flight.

We’re going to Berlin for the first stop on OneRagtime’s start-up tour, the StartupHunt. It’s my first time in Berlin, I think he’s been there before, and we can’t wait to see what’s going on in the local start-up ecosystem.


We all know a few quick things about Berlin when it comes to tech and start-ups. It’s one of the cities in Europe that receives the most US funding, it’s the hipster capital of Europe, they had a wall long before Facebook, and they have famous start-up builder (Rocket Internet and Axel Springer Plug n Play to name a few), as well as big hits (SoundCloud, Delivery Hero, Zalando …)

We will try to meet those who weigh in the tech. We made our list at Santa Claus, and in it there are among others Plug & Play, Techstars, and StartupBootcamp. We want to immerse ourselves in the local tech ecosystem as best as possible. We are going there to create solid links with the entrepreneurs who are making this city where it is today. Hubert has already gone into 100% hipster mode for this trip, there you go …

If you are in Berlin and would like to meet us, please contact us. And we take all the recommendations to make our stay even better.

Jump aboard the most exciting start-up tour ever, and travel with us. We will feast.

Next episode: Berlin.

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