[Tour du monde] Richard Branson’s advice in Munich

by bold-lichterman

Bits & Pretzels

“Tell me baby what’s your story”

I arrived in Munich late Saturday night. The first thing I saw when I got off the train? Germans drunk everywhere… And yes, Oktoberfest is in full swing. We will have the opportunity to take a closer look on Tuesday, but first we will be at the Bits & Pretzels conference. One of the best conferences for business creators who want to change the world.

Here we are in Munich on a beautiful morning, ready to start again. And it’s gone on the hats of wheel.


Mr. President Underwood himself did us the honor of throwing the party. Yes ladies and gentlemen Kevin Spacey was in Munich for an extraordinary inaugural address, filled with advice and inspiration.


I will not take his speech point by point, there is the live video for that. But here are the 2 points that I retained:

  • Be bold. Nothing will ever happen to you if you don’t take risks.

  • Work on your story, because everyone loves a good story. Your story is what sets you apart from others. And that changes the situation.


The day will continue, punctuated by keynotes, each more interesting than the last. It’s great to see bubbling ecosystems coming together like this in Europe. Things are definitely moving in the right direction, but there is still a lot of work to be done to accomplish some great things. This is why entrepreneurs must unite to get there.


A great day, but the magic of Bits & Pretzels operates in the “after hours”. L‘after party and Oktoberfest, are the places to be if you really want to meet people.


What an evening, we had a great time and we met a lot of great people. Bits & Pretzels has largely lived up to its reputation.


I’ll tell you more later, the party continues.

Bits & Pretzels Day 2

Why are you so serious ?!

Bits & Pretzels has definitely lived up to its reputation. We had a great time and we met a lot of people, it’s amazing. Theafter party kept us awake until late last night, but this morning we were ready to move on to the second day of the conference.


We couldn’t wait to be there on day 2 of Bits 16. Today’s schedule was great, but there was one keynote in particular we couldn’t wait to see. Sir Richard Branson was there. As you can imagine his speech was phenomenal. We’ve all read / seen videos about him, we all know most of his projects, but now I found it to be still above.


If there was only one thing I had to take away from her presentation, it would be to never take yourself too seriously and stay cool with people. It’s what dictates his life, and how he’s built his amazing career. When I say don’t take yourself too seriously you have to understand no matter what you have done, you have to stay humble, always learn from people smarter than you, and recognize it when you are not the ideal person. for the job.

And yes, if you are wondering, he intends to go to Mars, and I don’t think he wants to share a shuttle with Elon …

Richard Branson’s speech was the highlight of the day. But there was at least one unmissable event left, the final of their pitch competition.

We saw formidable start-ups pitching during the 2 days of conferences. There was really a high level. A huge congratulations to the winners of each category.


The biggest congratulations go all the same to the big winner in all categories. Yes she (and when I say her, it’s for an entrepreneur not for the start-up) has a great product, Spottster, but I think what made the difference is the story she created around Spottster. She worked a lot on it and the difference is huge! You see, I told you …

That’s all for the conference, it was great, we met a ton of people, but it’s not over yet. Tomorrow, Tuesday, we’ll be at Oktoberfest with the people from Bits & Pretzels!

Ah and the closing concert was of course at the top.




In the words of Kevin Spacey during his opening speech, Bavarians do not make contact at conferences. They connect around a beer.

So can you think of a better place than Oktoberfest to meet people? I ask, because I can’t.

Hubert wears a flamboyant lederhosen; I think we can say that we are ready to spend a sick day before heading to the next stage, Barcelona.





I think you all can imagine how the day went, we met a lot of great new people, and we celebrated these new friendships.

Next stop: Barcelona


Antoine Delanglade is an Entrepreneur in Residence for OneRagtime. Passionate about extreme sports and a full-time traveler, he helps brands create new experiences for millennials, capitalizing on the power of technology and communities. For OneRagtime, he participates in the animation of the OneRagtime community, mainly in circles of young entrepreneurs and influencers, around the world. Always up to date with the latest tech news and innovations, he helps identify the best investment opportunities for OneRagtime.

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