Toucango (Innov +) analyzes driving vigilance with facial recognition and AI

by bold-lichterman

While the market for driving assistants and autonomous cars is attracting investors, like the takeover of Mobileye by Intel for $ 15 billion, the French start-up Innov + will try to find its place. Based on the Paris-Saclay campus, the company which has designed driver vigilance assistance systems is also looking for funds to bring its software and product to the industrial phase.

After a first seed fundraising of 430,000 euros, it seeks to raise 1.5 million euros in series A.

For now, Innov + and its Toucango solution have benefited from the development of “Macron cars” which gave it its first customers (the companies Isilines, Transdev). It is at the stage of field experiments, with free trials for companies. After three years of R&D, the strategy is not to grow alone. “We have discussions with mutual insurers. We will discuss with builders more in an exit strategy “, conlcut Stéphane Arnoux, CEO of Toucango.

Founders: Stéphane Arnoux, Damien Cuoq

Creation date: 2015

Seat: Paris-Saclay Campus (Institut d’Optique Graduate School)

Workforce: 8