Top 5 100% mobile startups acquired by Yahoo!

by bold-lichterman

Stamped, OntheAir,, Alike, Jybe, Summly, Astrid, GoPollGo, Milewise, Loki… Since the arrival of Marissa Mayer at the head of Yahoo !, the American group has accelerated on the mobile front. Since July 2012, already 10 startups have already passed into the bosom of the Californian company.

The Sunnyvale firm founded in 1995 by two Stanford students would have spent more than $ 6 billion in startup acquisitions specialized in mobile between 2002 and 2012. A spending trend which should now slow down according to US media observers.

An external growth strategy that aims to strengthen itself as quickly as possible on mobile, supported by many other devices including the recruitment of iOS developers to dust off the Flickr application or the arrival, unofficialized, of Dylan casey from the social network Path… to the management of Yahoo!


This is the first acquisition of Yahoo! since the arrival of Marissa Mayer at the head of the group.stamped

Officially announced on October 25, the official amount of the transaction has not been disclosed, but a source close to the case cited by the Wall Street Journal mentioned a sum of around $ 10 million. Founded in 2011, the New York-based start-up Stamped is particularly known for its app for recommending outings with friends. She had already raised nearly $ 3 million.


Fourth acquisition of a start-up in less than 5 months for Yahoo! which announced on March 20 that it had acquired, for an unknown amount, Jybe, a start-up publisher of mobile applications based in Silicon Valley.


In particular, Jybe is developing an application that brings together recommendations from its users regarding food and entertainment. The five engineers employed by the start-up will join the teams of the American giant, in particular Arnab Bhattacharjee, former vice-president of R&D of Yahoo! that he left two years ago, underlines the Washingtonpost.


It is without doubt one of the acquisitions of Yahoo! the most publicized …Summly

On March 25, the web giant announced getting their hands on the Summly start-up a news aggregator created in 2011 by Nick D’Aloisi, then 15 years old. Summly is an application offering, thanks to its algorithms, automatic summaries of news articles in 400 characters. Its users can select interest categories and access source articles directly through the app.

Despite recurring formulation problems, Summly and its founder had no trouble convincing investors by increasing the number of fundraisers: $ 300,000 when the application was launched, then $ 1.23 million a year later. , with investors like Li Ka-Shing and Horizons Ventures, Mark Pincus (co-founder of Zynga) but also Ashton Kutcher, Yoko Ono and Wendy Murdoch… The amount of the operation, not disclosed by Yahoo !, could reach 30 million dollars according to AllThingsD.


While the controversies related to the abortion of the redemption of AstridDailymotion in full swing, Yahoo! does not slow down its race to mobile and announces the takeover of the start-up Astrid. Founded in 2008, the young shoot has developed a mobile task management application.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed but would be relatively high according to information from Techcrunch. The app now claims 4 million users and had previously raised funds from AngelPad, Google Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Jack Herrick and TMT Ventures.

Loki Studio

Loki is the latest startup to come under Yahoo! control.

Screenshot 2013-05-13 at 17.27.02

Indeed, in the space of just a few days, the Sunnyvale firm acquired four companies including Astrid, GoPollGo, MileWise and Loki Studio, which specializes in mobile games. Its flagship title, Geomon, notably takes into account the geolocation of its followers. The details and the amount of the operation were not disclosed but the 7 employees of the start-up have publicly announced that they are directly joining Yahoo! mobile teams. Marissa Mayer, meanwhile, said on Twitter that she recently hosted 22 new recruits within its mobile division.