To succeed in your digital transformation, you must have transformed yourself

by bold-lichterman

Open letter from a transform:

Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Digital is like the air we breathe. Everything is digital, it diffuses, it disperses, it ventilates.

Yet we 40-50 years have seen the start of the Internet, launched digital agencies and branded sites with modems too slow. We quickly adapted and let go of our Mercator for consumer centric marketing “Pure fiber”.

We went to the USA for a few years to learn, build sites for major brands and monetize audiences “early adopters»In order to structure good practices and create effective digital toolboxes.

Help, is there someone in the room who can avoid “digital jargonite” a sort of generational disease creating artificial language discrimination for certain companies who want to transform their business without buying a Larousse.

So we turned more and more into techno-marketers, especially in e-commerce, learning a lot from our “test and learn»Permanent always with the passion of the conquerors who hunt new purchasing behaviors and above all tangible income.

We have once again adapted, transformed and seasoned by continually reviewing our digital marketing strategies. We learned a lot about technology choices, media investment levels, the subtlety of the customer journey and the attrition rate. (Well done, not too much jargon).

Little by little, we have become “machine learning»(Jargon) in the face of a more complex digital transformation under the pressure of multiple players, start-ups and new technological platforms creating a technological layer which is sometimes indigestible for CEOs.

In fact, the behavior of our consumers has gone a thousand times faster in a few years than the internal organization of companies.


It all started on a dark night, along a lonely country road…. the new invaders: smartphones!

Smartphones were going to change the world of marketing with the addictive smartphone revolution, dopamine generated by Facebook and the joys of ROPO (jargon). No Marketing Warrior REST to learn how to find the omnichannel line of code in marketing plans.

Meanwhile the mobile agencies blindly selling the display intrusively created the seed for a growing generation of consumers adblockers.

Then we learned how to beat the fan race on Facebook without having the reach. Who is rich now?… That day the social booster had taken a serious hit with feedback but we were so happy to hear!

We continued to learn to transform ourselves by understanding that brands had lost their voice because consumers had taken their meggles to speak for them 80%. The native was born (again).

Data and consumer experience go hand in hand. The techno marketer learns even faster today because his transhumanist transformation dresses him in data with a beautiful hem of Artificial Intelligence: a kind of Robocop of Comex.

But then today why so many Hackatons (jargon) with start-ups that are sometimes more often useful to the stock markets than to the operational transformation of organizations?

Shouldn’t we rather look towards the transformation of retail 2.0 which will become less a place of purchase in the future but more a place of enhanced experience. Watch the fluidity of Amazon Go, the enchantment of Bright, the social of Nyx, the passion of Under Armor, and the impact of Wynd.

Should we not be transformed with the mobile payment revolution initiated by Apple Pay, Square and the launch of Orange Bank.

Shouldn’t we wonder about the necessary rebalancing between the most human (chatbots or Alexa) on merchant sites or the most digital in stores to build an “increased” customer service.

In the end, wouldn’t the best decoders be those who have spent all these years transforming themselves every day and applying a model for a long time “lean start-up»(Jargon) in multiple companies in different countries?

Yet the consumer experience changes as quickly as a snap on your iphone.

What if ultimately building the consumer experience of tomorrow was not just a question of experience?

I will be delighted to hear your reactions and discuss with you.

laurent-lafiteLaurent Lafite is the founder and CEO of Laurent has been passionate about digital innovations and customer experience for 20 years in disruptive markets, both in agency and advertiser.

Laurent was notably Commercial Director New York (Lagardère), Marketing Director Intel London (, Vice President E-commerce USA for the Canadian start up ICPSolar. In France, he was director of digital strategies at IPG Médiabrand then at KR Média. He now advises advertisers to build more enhanced consumer experiences. He recently supported the Nuxe group in its international digital transformation.

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