To earn more, it is better to be a Python / Java developer in Paris and negotiate bonuses

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French developers are comfortable in their position, but unhappy with their level of remuneration. This is what emerged from a first study devoted to developer morale and published by JobProd last May. To go further, the marketplace specializing in job offers for developers asked more than 1,000 professionals about their remuneration in a second study, Developer salaries in 2016, published this Thursday, September 1.

What does a developer really gain in France in 2016? Is there a difference in remuneration depending on the technologies mastered? What other benefits do they receive in addition to their salary?

Pay gaps between Paris and the provinces that widen with experience

First observation of the study, the pay gap observed between developers based in Ile-de-France and others in the provinces increases with experience. If it is 7,400 euros per year for novice developers (who have less than 2 years of experience), it indeed reaches 12,500 euros per year for professionals with 6 to 10 years of experience. An experienced developer thus earns on average a little more than 1,000 euros more per month in Paris than in the regions (gross remuneration).


Unsurprisingly, Ile-de-France is therefore the leading region in which developers want to work. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region comes in second place, with 13.1% of respondents who would like to work there, followed by Brittany (considered attractive by 8.4% of respondents).

Up to 60,000 euros gross per year

If we consider average pay levels from the point of view of the technology mastered, differences appear depending on the languages ​​but also the level of experience of the respondents.

A beginner developer (less than 2 years of experience) will rather have an interest in mastering mobile technologies or Ruby-Python languages, which will allow him to claim an annual remuneration of 40,000 euros (in Ile-de-France). If he masters the Java language, he can expect a remuneration approaching 38,000 euros per year on average, while the JavaScript 2 language will not allow him to exceed 30,000 euros in annual remuneration.

As for the most experienced developers (more than 11 years of experience), the best paid are those who master the Ruby-Python or Java languages. The latter earn a little more than 60,000 euros gross per year on average.


New developer advantages

The JobProd study also shows a progressive evolution in the methods of remuneration of developers. While in 2015 they were 68% to declare having only fixed remuneration (without bonus or variable), they are only 57.5% in this case in 2016.

Beyond their level of gross annual remuneration, developers enjoy other benefits. More than 80% of them benefit from a company mutual insurance company, 59.2% have the right to meal tickets and 55.8% have full or partial coverage of their transport costs ( down more than 5% compared to 2015).

Finally, more than half (55.4%) of respondents state that they receive bonuses (including vacation bonuses and exceptional bonuses), and more than a third (36.5%) are loaned equipment by their employer. They are 35.5% to say that they can telework if they wish (up 2.6% compared to 2015).

**Methodology: survey carried out on July 21 on the JobProd blog with 1,234 respondents. 93.2% of men and 6.8% of women participated in the survey. Respondents work 46.5% in Ile-de-France, and 53.5% in the provinces. 4.2% say they are freelancers and 95.8% are employees. 62.9% of those questioned are developers; they speak an average of 1.7 languages ​​in their daily professional life.

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