[TL;DR] Tech news you shouldn’t miss this 06/26

by bold-lichterman

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TL; DR (invariable acronym) (21st century): initials of too long; didn’t read,
either literally too long ; not read
1. (Internet) To express that the message that was sent was not read because it was too long.
2. (Internet) To express that the following is a summary of the text too long.

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Airbnb is partnering with Century 21 to make subletting easier. The system provides for a fixed distribution of income between the tenant, who will keep 70% of the earnings, the owner (23%) and Century 21 (7%).

Why this is important: Playing the role of trusted third party between the tenant and the owner, the real estate agency will be responsible for putting the ad online on Airbnb and carrying out the administrative procedures, such as registering with the town hall. The device should make it possible to avoid situations similar to that of a Parisian couple who were ordered at the beginning of June to pay the profits of the sublet to their owner, that is to say more than 27,000 euros. Initially, this sublet, which will be operated by Century 21, will be tested in the four central districts of Paris before being offered in the rest of the capital and then in other cities in France.

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US giant Johnson & Johnson is investing in French startup Dreem. The company, which specializes in analyzing and improving sleep, has just completed a funding round of $ 35 million.

Why this is important: After a test phase, Dreem introduced its first consumer product last year. It is a headband that measures brain activity and uses sound programs to make it easier to fall asleep and improve the quality of deep sleep. With this new funding round, the company wishes to support the development of a new generation of technological products in the field of sleep and to expand its activities internationally. The start-up also plans to expand its team to 70 employees.

TLDR Tech news you shouldnt miss this 0626

Shipup raises 1.2 million euros to end bad delivery experiences. 18 months after its launch, the company claims 600,000 packages tracked each month.

Why this is important: Shipup tackles the Achilles heel of e-merchants: delivery. The young shoot decided to develop a solution that allows e-commerce sites to create a better delivery experience. By analyzing the tracking of parcels in real time, the company provides e-merchants in particular with a tracking page on their own site, notifications to be sent to the buyer at each stage of the delivery or even alerts in the event of an accident. . With this first funding round, Shipup plans to develop new functionalities and accelerate its international deployment. To date, the start-up generates 34% of its income abroad, in particular in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and even Israel, against 6% six months ago.

TLDR Tech news you shouldnt miss this 0626
From left to right: Quentin Maurice, Térence Delahaye and Romain Ogiela, the founders of Shipup. Credits: Shipup.

EyeLights raises 2.5 million euros to offer its augmented reality solution to bikers in Europe. The start-up’s technology projects guidance information into the bikers’ field of vision and claims more than a thousand products sold in France.

Why this is important: The goal of this solution is to allow bikers to reduce the risk of accident by giving them access to their guidance information without them needing to look at their smartphone traditionally hung on the handlebars. EyeLights claims more than a thousand products sold in France. This fundraising will allow the start-up to market its product in Europe from the last quarter of 2018 and to adapt it to other forms of mobility.

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