[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 9/11

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 911

Samsung is opening a research center in New York to put artificial intelligence at the service of robotics. It is the second center of the South Korean firm dedicated to artificial intelligence in the United States and the sixth in the world.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 911
Daniel D. Lee, executive vice president of Samsung Research. Credits: Samsung.

Why this is important: The opening of this New York center comes a month after the announcement of a $ 22 billion envelope that should allow Samsung to invest in several areas of the future, such as artificial intelligence, 5G or even electronic components for cars. Samsung has announced its intention to employ nearly 1,000 specialists in the sector in its research centers dedicated to artificial intelligence by 2020. This diversification of the activities of the South Korean firm aims to deal with the signs of a slowdown in the growth of its initial activities in the semiconductor and smartphone sector. Samsung is also beginning to bear the brunt of the saturation of the smartphone market with a 22% drop in its turnover related to mobile media in the second quarter.Vision Urbanetic, the concept car from Mercedes, autonomous and with interchangeable bodywork. Electric, the Vision Urbanetic has two interchangeable bodies to adapt to the transport of goods or people.

1605269298 483 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 911
Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Why this is important: The Vision Urbanetic attempts to address the general public’s distrust of self-driving cars, which has not improved with recent accidents. For this, Mercedes had the idea of ​​making the car communicate with pedestrians. For example, a screen at the front of the vehicle will inform those passing through that the car has spotted them. Finally, the vehicle is also equipped with a dynamic communication system designed to process data in real time to determine what types of vehicles are needed and in which location.

The government will release 75 to 100 million euros to train 13 million French people in digital technology. The State wants to train 1.5 million French people each year who do not have sufficient digital skills.

1605269299 169 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 911
Mounir Mahjoubi at lift conference 7 Jul 2011. CC BY 2.0

Why this is important: Believing that there is “a double digital divide“In France in terms of Internet access and in terms of the use of digital tools, Mounir Mahjoubi, the Secretary of State in charge of Digital, intends to set up a” digital pass “which will make it possible to follow 10 to 20 hours of training. Worth 50 to 100 euros, this training program will be offered by Pôle Emploi, the Family Allowance Fund, health insurance, cities, towns and departments. This government announcement comes in a context where private companies, including American giants, are setting up programs in France to train citizens in digital technology. So GoogleAlibaba joins forces with MegaFon and Mail.ru to increase its strike force in Russia tenfold. The joint venture estimated at $ 2 billion will create a unique platform bringing together different services: communication, social networks, games and shopping.

1605269300 856 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 911
Credit: Testing / Shutterstock.

Why this is important: Russia has more than 70 million internet users. A market that the Chinese giant Alibaba intends to appropriate and in which it has decided to accelerate by allying with two local players: the Russian telecoms groups MegaFon and Internet Mail.ru.

Iris Capital is injecting 2.2 million euros into AdTech Scibids. This round of funding should allow the French start-up to finance its international expansion.

1605269301 620 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 911
Rémi Lemonnier and Julien Hirth, founders of Scibids. Credits: Scibids.

Why this is important: Scibids has designed a solution based on artificial intelligence for media buyers. This is added to their advertising purchasing platforms to automate the management and monitoring of campaigns. Thanks to this device, the objective is to improve the productivity of media buyers and increase the return on investment of their digital advertising spending. To date, the start-up claims around 40 clients in 11 different countries around the world (France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.). The company plans to increase its workforce and open new offices on each continent.