[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 25/04

by bold-lichterman

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TL; DR (invariable acronym) (21st century): initials of too long; didn’t read,
either literally too long ; not read
1. (Internet) To express that the message that was sent was not read because it was too long.
2. (Internet) To express that the following is a summary of the text too long.

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Tilkee raises 3.5 million euros to optimize commercial prospecting. The Lyon start-up plans to launch in Germany and England.

Why this is important: Tilkee helps marketing and sales teams optimize their prospecting operations. To do this, the young Lyon-based startup has developed digital document tracking solutions (white papers, commercial proposals, quotes, CVs, etc.), which make it possible to know if a document has been read, by whom, in what order and for how many time. This funding round should enable Tilkee to accelerate its development in France as well as in Europe. The Lyon start-up plans to recruit around ten employees in France and to set up a team of four salespeople in Germany.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 2504

Artificial intelligence: Google Cloud signs two partnerships with Atos and Total. Atos will expand its offerings after its failure to acquire Gemalto, a specialist in digital security.

Why this is important: With this partnership, Atos wishes to meet the digital transformation needs of companies. For its part, Total aims to optimize the work of its geoscience engineers in analyzing subsoil data.

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Amazon now delivers packages directly to the trunk of your car. This service will be offered to Prime subscribers in 37 cities in the United States.

Why this is important: After launching the Amazon Echo connected speaker to meet your demands when you are at home, the American firm took a further step in November 2017 by launching the “Amazon Key” system, which allows you to open the door remotely. at home via a connected lock so that the Seattle giant can directly drop your parcels inside your home when you are away. Still based on this connected lock system, Amazon has decided to go even further by offering its American users the possibility of opening their car’s trunk remotely to drop off parcels ordered online. Will you give the keys to your house and car to Amazon?

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 2504
Credits: Amazon.

Twitter continues to improve with $ 61 million in profits in the first quarter of 2018. Over the first three months of the year, the social network gained 6 million users, including 5 million internationally.

Why this is important: This second consecutive quarter in the green confirms the financial improvement of the American firm which seemed close to disaster a few months ago. At the end of 2016, a takeover by Google, Salesforce, Microsoft or even Disney even seemed inevitable. Now in better shape, the blue bird social network can count on its good performance internationally. In the first quarter, international revenues jumped 53% to $ 318 million, and now represent 48% of the company’s revenue. Twitter now claims 336 million monthly users, including 69 million in the United States.

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Artificial intelligence will bring in $ 1.2 trillion in 2018. This figure will rise to $ 3.9 trillion in 2022.

Why this is important: Gartner identifies three sources of AI value creation for businesses: customer experience, new revenue, and cost reduction. Their importance should vary over time. In the early years, solutions to promote the customer experience should take pole position. The customer experience will be closely followed by solutions to reduce costs, with companies looking in particular to automate more tasks and improve their decision-making process. But in 2021, new income is expected to take the top spot. Companies will then use AI to increase their sales of products or services, but also to create new ones.

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