[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 17/10

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1710

Netflix returns to strong growth in subscribers, the action is taking off. The streaming platform has garnered 7 million new subscribers worldwide, shattering its latest record.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1710
Credit: Diabluses / Shutterstock.com

Why this is important: Once again, the group – behind successes like “House of Cards” or “Orange is the New Black” – attributes its performance to its “vast portfolio of original programs” in its traditional letter to shareholders presenting the results. By garnering nearly seven million new subscribers worldwide, Netflix has pulverized its own objectives (+5 million) and thus reassured investors, who had been very disappointed by the number of subscribers in the second quarter. These performances are reflected in the group’s finances, with quarterly net profit multiplied by more than three over one year, to 400 million dollars. Adjusted and reported per share, benchmark in North America, earnings came to 89 cents, well above analyst expectations (68 cents).

Private-Sale gets its hands on Daco, a competitive analysis solution. The start-up was selected by the French e-merchant to take part in the second promotion of its acceleration program at Station F.

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Jacques-Antoine Granjon, founder and CEO of Vente-privée, alongside Claire Bretton, Anis Gandoura and Paul Mouginot, founders of Daco. Credits: Private-sale.

Why this is important: Vente-privée intends to take advantage of the young shoots it supports through Impulse, its acceleration program based at Station F. Proof of this is the acquisition of the Parisian start-up Daco, which allows fashion brands to gain insight into the behavior of their competitors. Founded in 2016 by Anis Gandoura, Paul Mouginot and Claire Bretton, Daco has developed a B2B competitive analysis solution. This aims to allow brands and distributors to have a global vision of their competitive environment. This takeover will allow Vente-privée to rely on Daco’s image recognition technologies to have an approach to the market with “particularly fine segmentation of brand products», Indicates the e-merchant.

Instacart valued $ 7.6 billion after new fundraising. The startup, which is developing a collaborative grocery delivery platform, has announced that it has raised $ 600 million.

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Credit: Instacart

Why this is important: The American start-up Instacart, which is developing a collaborative grocery delivery platform, announced on Tuesday that it had raised $ 600 million in a funding round led by D1 Capital. An operation which now values ​​it at 7.6 billion dollars. Earlier this year, in April, FoodTech had already raised $ 150 million. Founded in 2012 by Max Mullen, Apoorva Mehtan and Brandon Leonardo, Instacart connects individuals wishing to be delivered to their homes with other individuals willing to make the trip, purchases and delivery in an hour. To get paid, Instacart charges its customers a margin on grocery stores as well as delivery costs. This fundraising will help it develop in North America, where the company is already a partner of some 300 distributors, including Kroger, Aldi, Loblaw, Sam’s Club, Sprouts, Publix, Albertsons and Walmart Canada. The startup also wants to double the size of its “product” teams and engineers.

Uber hopes to achieve the biggest IPO in the tech sector. The company would then be worth as much as General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

p><h3 class=The United Kingdom, European champion of artificial intelligence. France and Germany complete the podium on the Old Continent.

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Credits: Shutterstock.

Why this is important: The United Kingdom is the European country where the most start-ups active in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) are based, ahead of France and Germany, according to a France Digitale / Roland Berger barometer published on Tuesday. Across the Channel, there are 774 start-ups active in machine learning, neural networks and other technologies of this type, or 34% of European start-ups in the genre. In France, in second place in the ranking, it lists 308 start-ups, or 14% of the European total, just ahead of Germany with 303 young shoots identified (13%). France, on the other hand, is the champion of research laboratories, with 82 entities (21% of the European total), against 43 for Germany and 38 for the United Kingdom.

AssurTech: the American Devoted Health raises 300 million dollars to improve the health of seniors. Devoted Health has announced its official launch and is currently offering its formula in eight counties in South and Central Florida.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1710
Credit: Devoted Health

Why this is important: Devoted Health wants to improve access to care for beneficiaries of Medicare, the health insurance system administered by the United States federal government and dedicated to people over 65 years of age or meeting certain criteria. evoted Health falls under what Americans call a “Medicare Advantage plan”. It is a kind of complementary health insurance operated by a private company in connection with the Medicare system. In the field, Devoted Health will have to face fierce competition, with companies already well positioned in the sector such as the UnitedHealth group or even Humana. But the founders of the startup are attacking a market they know very well since Devoted Health was notably created by Todd Park, co-founder of Athenahealth and Castlight Health and former “US chief technology officer” under the administration. Obama. With this fundraising, Devoted Health plans to develop its Tech teams in particular and to launch its solution in other markets.

Barcelona-based TravelPerk raises $ 44 million to dust off business travel reservations. The Spanish company estimates the market to be worth $ 1.3 trillion.

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Avi Meir and Javier Suarez, founders of TravelPerk. Credits: TravelPerk.

Why this is important: Inspired by sites intended for individuals, the Spanish company’s solution is connected to other travel reservation sites, such as Booking.com, Expedia, Skyscanner or Airbnb, to simplify the reservation of transport tickets (plane, train, etc.) ) and hotel rooms for business travel. The platform thus allows companies to plan a business trip in its entirety, from booking to accounting, within a single customer interface, including car rental, train tickets, flights and hotels, while respecting company policies.