[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 12/09

by bold-lichterman

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TL; DR (invariable acronym) (21st century): initials of too long; didn’t read,
either literally too long ; not read
1. (Internet) To express that the message that was sent was not read because it was too long.
2. (Internet) To express that the following is a summary of the text too long.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1209

SNCF wants to run autonomous trains from 2023. To put driverless trains into service, the public company has surrounded itself with railway manufacturers Alstom and Bombardier.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1209
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Why this is important: With the autonomous train, all trains will run in a harmonized manner and at the same speed, and rail operations will become more fluid. And more fluidity means better regularity and greater punctuality of trains“, Provides the boss of the SNCF Guillaume Pepy, quoted in a press release. Concretely, “we will go up in successive stages (…) to the most extreme level of automation where there is no longer any human presence on board», Clarified to theAFP Pierre Izard, Deputy Managing Director in charge of railway technologies at SNCF. “And also, we will see the potential applications arrive graduallyHe said. The first should be the development, announced for 2021, of remote freight train control, useful for the terminal service of a silo or a quarry. We would then have “drone trains”

After the $ 1,000 iPhone, will Apple offer an even more expensive model? The very high-end makes it possible to increase the turnover of the American firm despite the saturation of the world market.

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Why this is important: The national police launched its first internal social network on Wednesday, called r @ dio police, a secure “free expression” space intended to “free up professional speech” and promote communication between agents. The network will be accessible from agents’ personal computers, professional tablets or even smartphones. A moderator will be responsible for ensuring that it is not polluted by “trolls”. “If there are a few lost sheep, they will be taken out of the system“, We assure the side of the DGPN, declaring itself” confident in the state of mind of the police officers “and the success of this” tool of responsible freedom “. r @ dio police has been entirely developed in-house and is supposed to benefit from the IT security guarantees of the French Ministry of the Interior.

What could be the consequences of the reform of copyright on the Internet? MEPs voted in favor of copyright reform. If adopted for good, could it change the face of the Internet?

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Why this is important: Two articles in particular are at the origin of the tensions. This is Article 13 which aims to encourage platforms to better compensate content creators and Article 11 which creates “a neighboring right”. This should allow newspapers and agencies to be remunerated for the online reuse of their production. In the text which has just been adopted by MEPs, provision is made for the creation of a specific form of copyright. For opponents of this article, such a reform could quite simply push certain digital players to no longer distribute this content. Article 13, however, has been slightly amended. This provided that if there was no agreement between the rights holders and the platform where the content is shared, the responsibility fell on the latter to set up automatic filtering of the content shared by Internet users. This version of the text mitigates this obligation and specifies that automatic blocking should be avoided as much as possible.