[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 12/06

by bold-lichterman

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To face Amazon, Carrefour is joining forces with Google. This partnership includes several components, including one that will allow customers to make their purchases by voice via Google Assistant and the connected speaker Google Home.

Why this is important: This partnership with Google is a first for a French retail brand. In particular, it allows Carrefour to enter the voice commerce sector. According to a study carried out by the firm OC&C Strategy Consultants, the turnover generated by voice commerce could reach 40 billion dollars in the world by 2022 against 2 billion today. But the partnership with Google doesn’t stop with these new shopping experiences. Carrefour has made the American giant a long-term partner to fight against Amazon and succeed in its 2022 transformation plan.

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Thales and Microsoft are joining forces to design a cloud adapted to the needs of the armed forces. The solution will be based on Microsoft’s Azure Stack platform.

Why this is important: This is not the first time that the American giant and the French group have collaborated together. At the end of 2016, Thales and Microsoft jointly announced the launch of new services to encrypt sensitive information before sending it by email or storing it in the cloud. Besides Microsoft, Google recently made a name for itself with its military Maven program concluded quietly with the Pentagon last year to improve facial recognition and information gathering of US military drones. Faced with the internal outcry caused by this contract, Google has decided not to renew this program which will end in 2019.

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The Lille residents of Exotec Solutions are raising 15 million euros to robotize the warehouses of retailers and e-merchants. With this new round of funding, the northern company intends to increase its production rate to deliver 1,000 new robots in 2019.

Why this is important: Exotec Solutions has created Skypod, an order preparation system based on robots able to move quickly in the warehouses of retailers and e-merchants. To move around the storage space, the robots, which can support a load of 30 kilos each, find their way around using a laser scanner system based on artificial intelligence. To date, the northern company has already assembled 200 robots, but intends to gradually increase in power to achieve the production of 2,000 robots per year to cope with the increase in orders. The Lille start-up plans to triple its workforce and expand internationally, focusing this year on the European market before turning to the United States and Asia next year.

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Faced with SamBoat, Click & Boat raises 4 million euros to take off internationally. The start-up claims more than 22,000 boats available on its platform and a presence in more than 35 countries around the world.

Why this is important: This new funding round should enable Click & Boat to accelerate its international development, by targeting markets such as Scandinavia or Germany and England, where a large part of the French platform’s customers come from. The trajectory of Click & Boat is reminiscent of that of the Bordeaux-based SamBoat, which is today its main rival in France and in Europe. While the sector continues to consolidate, Jérémy Bismuth, co-founder of Click & Boat, estimates that there will be only one player left in the long term, the stated goal of this fundraising of 4 million euros.

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Uber is launching a lean version of its app to establish itself in emerging markets. Launched today in India, Uber plans to then roll out the solution in other countries.

Why this is important: To be successful in these markets, Uber is not just relying on this app but also considering other ways to order a vehicle. The VTC company explains that it is studying the possibility of ordering an Uber while being offline, possibly via a peer-to-peer Bluetooth mesh network or other technologies. Uber is also already testing other reservation methods in India. Customers can do this, for example, by entering a code displayed at bus stops and waiting for their driver there. Indians even have the option of being able to make their reservations over the phone, making the service accessible to those less comfortable with technology.