[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 11/10

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1110

Cloud: $ 450 million for the Franco-American unicorn Snowflake. The start-up specializes in setting up a virtual data warehouse (cloud data warehouse) that allows customers to draw indicators and simplified analyzes on large stored volumes.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1110
From left to right: Thierry Cruanes, co-founder, Bob Muglia, CEO of Snowflake, Benoît Dageville, co-founder and CTO, and Marcin Zukowski, co-founder. Credits: Snowflake.

Why this is important: The cloud data warehouse market is growing strongly. According to estimates by the firm IDC, it is expected to grow by 40% between 2017, the year in which it generated $ 14 billion, and 2020, when it is expected to be $ 20 billion. This increase will be driven in particular by the increased needs of companies in terms of big data. According to Gartner, 73% of them plan to invest in the field, but only 15% already have systems in production.

Skello is raising 6 million euros to become the benchmark HR management tool for points of sale. The company plans to broaden its scope by addressing new sectors such as retail.

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From left to right: Emmanuelle Fauchier-Magnan, COO, Thibault Desplats, Head of Development, Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaux, CEO of Skello, and Samy Amar, CTO. Credits: Skello.

Why this is important: Skello was launched at the end of 2016 with a view to supporting managers in the hotel and restaurant sectors, where the management of staff and pay schedules is still very often done on paper or in Excel. To date, the young shoot claims more than 1,500 customers, including Big Fernand, Planet Sushi, Subway and Ibis. Every day, no less than 30,000 employees use the solution developed by the company. With this funding round, Skello wants to target customers beyond the catering and hotel industry. After Disney, WarnerMedia wants to counter Netflix. The subsidiary of the cable operator AT&T will launch its own online video service at the end of 2019.

1605261003 596 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1110
Credit: Diabluses / Shutterstock.com

Why this is important: WarnerMedia’s decision echoes that of Disney, which plans to have, in 2019, three complementary online video services, namely the already existing Hulu platform, another offer dedicated to family content and youth programs, and finally an application dedicated to sport. As for the new set made up of the American cable operator Comcast and the British television group Sky, which became reality this week, it is also eyeing streaming. The market lends it the ambition of a unified offer, which would bring together all of its content, also considerable (NBC, the Universal studio, Sky productions, among others). The giants of the sector have thus launched a pursuit of Neftlix, which is several steps ahead of the online television market.

Augmented reality: Apple is perfecting its technology with the acquisition of the Danish Spektral. The amount of the transaction is said to be around $ 30 million.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1110
Credit: Spektral

Why this is important: With Spektral, Apple is improving its tools in the augmented reality sector. Indeed, the Danish company has developed a technique that allows people or products to be cut out of an image or video in real time. And Spektral specializes more particularly in augmented or mixed reality. This is not Apple’s first acquisition in augmented reality, we can mention Metaio in 2015 or more recently, in August, the acquisition of Akonia Holographics. The American group is therefore still perfecting its tools. It is difficult to know what precise uses are planned for Spektral’s technology, but some analysts are convinced that Apple will unveil augmented reality glasses in 2020.

Sovereignty of European data: American legislation not “clear”. The French cybersecurity manager is still struggling to assess the impact on European data security of the new US data center legislation.

1605261005 937 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1110
Credits: Shutterstock.

Why this is important: The US Congress adopted in March a text, the “Cloud Act”, which allows the government to ask US data centers for data from their customers (emails for example), even if this data is hosted on servers at the foreign. Many European specialists have drawn the conclusion that European companies should avoid entrusting their sensitive data to American industry giants, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) (AWS), Google or Microsoft, even if they store this data in centers located in Europe.

Carfit raises $ 2.5 million to bring the automobile into the era of predictive maintenance. The company relies on the vibrations of a car to facilitate its maintenance.

1605261006 221 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1110

Why this is important: The Palo Alto, California-based start-up has designed a connected box that sits near the steering wheel. Nourished by artificial intelligence, the latter analyzes noises and vibrations to translate them into precise data on the state of the vehicle (wear of tires, brakes, shock absorbers, etc.) directly transmitted to the driver’s smartphone. The device thus makes it possible to anticipate the maintenance needs of the car and therefore to anticipate breakdowns. This roundtable should allow Carfit to continue developing its technology, and more specifically in terms of “machine learning at edge”, which makes it possible to be as close as possible to the sensors in a vehicle to prevent too much data from being fed back into the vehicle. the cloud. At the same, the company plans to accelerate the integration of its solution into the second-hand market. The data of the cars in circulation will thus make it possible to approach the future of the car, which will be connected then autonomous.

Automation: The Max AI robot sorts waste faster than a human operator. This artificial intelligence-boosted robot enables Veolia to further automate the sorting of household waste.

1605261007 218 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1110
Credit: Photick / Shutterstock

Why this is important: The robot can perform 3,600 sorting actions per hour, compared to around 2,200 for a human operator. For now, he is learning and still has hiccups. An operator therefore passes behind him for a final selection. In a 2014 report, Ademe estimated that the automation of sorting centers would lead to the loss of 3,500 to 5,000 jobs. “Robots will reduce the number of operators on the most complex and dirty operations, but there will be more on quality control. And given the volume of waste that we will have to treat in the future, we do not anticipate a drop in jobs», Wants to reassure Bernard Harambillet, director of the Recycling and recovery branch of Veolia for France, while the sorting centers employ many people in integration. France has set itself the goal of halving the volume of landfilled waste by 2025, which implies better sorting to improve recycling, and above all to recycle 100% of plastics by this time, against around 26% today.

Artificial intelligence is essential in cyberspace fights. AI tools are used in particular to detect malicious programs (malware) on networks even before they begin to deploy in systems.

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Credits: Shutterstock.

Why this is important: According to experts, artificial intelligence can now identify malicious files without even having been duly identified by a “signature”, the elements of their computer program that allow antivirus to recognize them. But artificial intelligence is unfortunately not the prerogative of defenders. The attackers are also doing it, in particular the most powerful among them, the States and their auxiliaries. The traces still remain discreet, but no one doubts that attackers are starting to test and deploy such tools.

The smartphone, the weak link in computer security. Hackers only follow Internet users, who increasingly favor smartphones over computers to access online services.

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Credit: Oatawa / Shutterstock

Why this is important: Among the means used by cybercriminals, the inevitable “phishing” email uses a false identity to encourage the recipient to click and download the malicious code. But hackers also use social networks: hijacking the avatar of someone close to the target, they send a false message on a social network, encouraging the Internet user to make the fatal click. Cybercriminals also seek to introduce “corrupt” applications which, under the guise of a game for example, introduce malicious code into the smartphone. The danger comes in particular from applications that can be downloaded from less scrupulous Android application stores than the Google Play Store (where the applications are generally safe). For some, the security problems that arise today on some 2.5 billion smartphones in circulation in the world only foreshadow, on a small scale, the security problems that will arise with the proliferation of connected objects.