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by bold-lichterman

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The “War Room”, Facebook’s special unit to fight electoral manipulation. This crisis unit is on the lookout a few weeks before the mid-term elections in the United States.

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Why this is important: People viewing videos from the artists’ official YouTube channels can find since yesterday the list of concerts given in the United States with the possibility in one click of being redirected to the dedicated page of Eventbrite to buy tickets. The service is restricted to concerts taking place in the United States, but the company plans to expand its solution globally. In May, YouTube said it recorded 1.8 billion people connected each month on its platform. A windfall for ticket sellers, even if it means sharing the profits a little.

Despite Brexit, Amazon will recruit 1,000 additional employees in the United Kingdom. This thousand new employees will join the 27,500 Amazon employees already present on British territory.

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Credits: Amazon.

Why this is important: This reinforcement of the British workforce is mainly aimed at expanding the R&D teams. 600 jobs will be created for the group’s new R&D center which will open in 2019 in Manchester, in the north of England. 250 engineers will also reinforce the research center in Edinburgh, Scotland, and 180 will be assigned to the one in Cambridge, England. A few months before the Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, the British government can count on the support of GAFA. Amazon is not the only American giant to bet on the United Kingdom despite the political and economic uncertainties that currently surround the country. Google was not afraid of Brexit either by choosing to locate its European headquarters in London.

With its new Lyon hub, Orange wants to become a European leader in cybersecurity. It is the third Orange Cyberdefense site outside Paris, after Lille and Rennes.

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Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange. © Christophe Pelletier – Orange.

Why this is important: Orange Cyberdefense on Friday inaugurated an expertise center in Lyon, a new step in a development strategy which should bring it to the European podium by 2020. The Orange subsidiary specializing in the fight against computer crime has brought together on the site of the former Saint-Paul prison, its teams until now dispersed in the suburbs, between Limonest and Saint-Priest. The Lyon site will specialize in the safety of industrial installations. “Lyon and its region are an important industrial hub. I absolutely wanted us to position our teams there», Explained the general manager of the company Michel Van Den Berghe. Created in 2016, the Orange Cyberdefense division has 1,300 employees, with an average age of 29. With a turnover of 300 million euros, it “aims for the European top 3 by 2020», Indicated Michel Van Den Berghe.

How does the bank card with fingerprint tested by Société Générale work? The technology used was developed by the company Idemia, which specializes in “augmented identity”.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1019
Credit: Societe Generale

Why this is important: Concretely, the person concerned must himself register his fingerprint in the biometric card. Then, at the time of contactless payment, the latter must place her finger on the fingerprint sensor integrated into the card to validate the transaction. If Société Générale is the first bank in France to experiment with this system, it should very probably be followed by other establishments. This technology could therefore further strengthen the use of contactless payment, the use of which is constantly increasing in France. According to the CB bank card group, more than 1.2 billion contactless transactions were carried out in 2017. This figure should reach 2 billion in 2018.

Former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg joins Facebook. Nick Clegg was already less present on the political scene since losing his seat as an MP in the early parliamentary elections of 2017.

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Why this is important: The arrival of Mr. Clegg is part of the strategy of Facebook executives – its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and number two, Sheryl Sandberg, in the lead – to straighten out the brand image of the global social network, which reputation has suffered from several scandals. ” I have spoken at length with Mark and Sheryl over the past few months and they are aware that the company must evolve to meet its new responsibilities, not only for Facebook users but also for society at large. I hope I can play a part on this path“, Explained Nick Clegg. Facebook on September 28 revealed a security breach affecting 50 million accounts before lowering the figure last week, estimating that 29 million accounts had been affected, hackers accessing a number of confidential data. This new attack on the security of the social network could further shake the confidence of users, already scalded by the Cambridge Analytica affair and the unwitting use of data from millions of users during the presidential election. American 2016.