[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 09/21

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0921

Meal deliveries: Uber is interested in Deliveroo. The amount of the operation could reach several billion dollars.

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Why this is important: Uber, already present in this sector with its similar service Uber Eats, is “in preliminary discussions” to buy Deliveroo for several billion dollars, according to Bloomberg, which points out Thursday that the theoretical valuation of Deliveroo is around two billion dollars at the end of its last fundraising. Contacted byAFP, Uber declined to comment. Uber, which plans to go public in 2019, announced in August its intention to spend a lot of money, a consequence of its ambitions in the delivery of meals, bike sharing and its international development.

Industry of the future: the State devotes 500 million euros to SMEs. The flagship measure of this action plan is the return of excess depreciation, an exceptional tax advantage to stimulate business investment in production equipment.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0921
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Why this is important: Tax incentives, enhanced support: the government announced measures on Thursday to help industrial small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) catch up in the digital transformation that is disrupting their activities, a plan globally welcomed by manufacturers. The cost of all the measures announced Thursday was estimated at 500 million euros, half of which was for excess depreciation, the rest coming from subsidies via the Investments for the Future Program (PIA). Manufacturers have nevertheless deplored a great lack of this “action plan”: the reduction of production taxes, various local taxes for companies and which are ” a cannonball “For their competitiveness, according to Bruno Grandjean, president of the Federation of Mechanical Industries (FIM) and the Alliance for the Industry of the Future. . ” We will tackle it as soon as we have recovered the budgetary room for maneuver Necessary, again promised Mr. Philippe, as last May.

Adobe spends 4.75 billion dollars to enrich its marketing offer. The American giant offers itself the marketing specialist Marketo.

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Why this is important: Adobe connects large-scale acquisitions. After spending $ 1.68 billion last May to get its hands on Magento, a Californian company that offers solutions for creating and managing e-commerce sites, the American giant, which publishes Photoshop in particular, has decided to hit even more strong by putting 4.75 billion on the table to buy Marketo, a Californian company specializing in marketing. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the fourth quarter. By moving up a gear in marketing, Adobe hopes to eventually compete with the behemoths Oracle, SAP and Salesforce. To gain ground, the publisher of data creation and management software will be able to draw on Marketo’s portfolio of 5,000 customers.

Tokyo Game Show: retro video games combine with the present and the future. Some 250,000 visitors are expected and 668 companies from 41 countries present at this show which is held from Thursday until Sunday in the suburbs of Tokyo.

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Why this is important: It’s not what amazes the most, but judging by the cheerfulness of those who indulge in it at the Tokyo Game Show, retro video games of the 80s have a real following, delighted that the manufacturers are releasing their first consoles. up to date. True to this annual show, the largest in Asia, Sony is of course exhibiting its latest high-end consoles (PlayStation 4), virtual reality games and accessories, but also, and this was the surprise announced just before the opening of the Tokyo Game Show, a miniaturized replica of its first PS, the PlayStation Classic. For the first time, Nintendo, which snubbed the show from the start, is in the game. However, the Japanese pioneer of the sector has only a small closed space for professional meetings, only intended to attract independent developers for its Switch console, while Sony has a huge playground where the general public is invited to test its novelties.

Ether, a cryptocurrency victim of the success of its blockchain. Since early August, ether has lost more than 50% of its value and almost 75% since May, increasing its capitalization from around $ 82.5 billion to $ 23.12 billion.

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Why this is important: Ether, the second virtual currency in terms of capitalization behind bitcoin, has suffered a drop in price in recent weeks. In question, concerns about the ability of its blockchain, Ethereum, to cope with its success. If all cryptocurrencies had a difficult start to the month, ether, born in 2015 with the Ethereum blockchain, was particularly hard hit, dropping nearly 20% in three weeks. To improve the scalability of the blockchain, profound modifications to its architecture are planned, but the delays are piling up, explains Jérôme de Tychey, president of Asseth, an association dedicated to the promotion of Ethereum, which could have discouraged some investors.