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Jack Ma will bow out at the helm of Alibaba in 2019. The iconic founder of the Chinese giant will hand over the chairmanship to CEO Daniel Zhang.

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Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba
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Why this is important: After 48 hours of hesitation, Alibaba finally announced Monday morning that Jack Ma, who turns 54 this Monday, would leave in exactly one year, on September 10, 2019, the chairmanship of the board of directors of the e-commerce giant. This date will also coincide with the 20 years of the founding of the group. Jack Ma has built a veritable empire with some 85,000 employees and annual sales of $ 40 billion. His departure is not really a surprise: the entrepreneur had distilled in recent days clues suggesting an upcoming departure. In an interview with Bloomberg TV Released Thursday, it said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, retired from business to become one of the most generous philanthropists in the world.

Fnac gives way to Vente-Privée on the podium of the most visited e-commerce sites in France. With 13.8 million unique visitors per month, Vente-Privée takes third place ahead of Fnac.

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Why this is important: In the second quarter of 2018, the champion Amazon still occupies the first place with nearly 28.5 million unique visitors (VU) per month. The American giant is thus ahead, like the previous quarter, Cdiscount, good second with 18.9 million VU per month. On the other hand, Vente-Privée takes third place at Fnac. The two sites were already neck and neck the previous quarter, but this time the match is in favor of Vente-Privée with 13.8 million VU per month against nearly 13.7 million for Fnac. Note that the event sales specialist records the second best audience for the number of average unique visitors per day (around 3 million), behind Amazon (nearly 4.4 million) but ahead of Cdiscount (1.9 million) .

Overtaken by Huawei, Apple waited at the turn with its new iPhone salvo. The new models of the Apple brand’s smartphone will be presented on Wednesday.

p><h3 class=E-commerce recorded an increase of 14% in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Each “online buyer” spent on average 10% more this quarter, or 721 euros.

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Why this is important: The frequency of French purchases on the Internet is increasing, with a sharp increase (21%) in the number of transactions over the quarter, which offsets the decrease (- 5.7%) in the average amount of each of them (63 euros ), said Monday during a press conference Marc Lolivier, general delegate of Fevad. “At this rate, the average basket should drop below 60 euros next year, thus marking the trivialization of Internet purchases, due in part to the impact of subscriptions (of the “premium” type, editor’s note) which favor small purchases», He explained.

Will the blockchain be able to deploy beyond cryptocurrencies? “In the next 12 months, we will have decided: either we see that the promises are not at the level, or the actors pass the step”, estimates a specialist.

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Why this is important: Popularized by bitcoin, this technology makes it possible to create kinds of large virtual registers, where communities record their transactions in an unfalsifiable manner, without recourse to a central supervisory authority. For some visionaries, it must allow the emergence of groups capable of exchanging and creating wealth together in a totally decentralized and self-managed manner, creating an economy free from States, banks or large companies. Some people imagine, for example, marketplaces like Amazon, operating in a fully automated way and fully self-regulated by the participants.