[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 09/05

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 2310

Artificial intelligence could increase the digital divide. AI is expected to inflate global growth by 1.2% per year on average until 2030, with a sharp acceleration between 2025 and 2030.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0905
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Why this is important: This acceleration would be comparable to that brought by other global technological breakthroughs, “like steam in the 19th century, the first wave of industrial robotization or computers at the end of the 20th century“, Estimates the McKinsey firm in this report. But “the countries most advanced today in terms of adoption of artificial intelligence technologies (mainly developed economies) are expected to reap significantly higher benefits by 2030 than those of emerging economies», He emphasizes. Regarding France, the report considers that the country is “well positioned to benefit from the development of artificial intelligence“.

Influencer Marketing: French-American startup Launchmetrics raises $ 50 million. Specialist in data analysis for the fashion, luxury and marketing markets, Launchmetrics wishes to accelerate its international development.

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Why this is important: Launchmetrics now employs around 180 people, of which around 80% are based in France. The company expects to recruit around 150 people within two years and quadruple its turnover. “These additional resources will allow us to accelerate our deployment in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, as well as to invest more in the development of cutting-edge technologies that will transform marketing in these industries.Said Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics.

Planity raises 6 million euros to fill the appointment book of hairdressing salons and beauty institutes. The young company plans to offer its service in new French cities, before developing its activity in Europe.

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From left to right: Jérémy Queroy, Antoine Puymirat (CEO) and Paul Vonderscher. Credits: Planity.

Why this is important: To date, Planity claims more than 1,500 partner clients (hairdressers, institutes, manicures, barbers, etc.) and 5,000 appointments made online every day on its platform. Ultimately, the Parisian company aims to become “a real lifestyle brand in this sector“. In the market for the digitization of hairdressing salons and beauty institutes, Planity must in particular face the start-up FlexyBeauty, which raised 7 million euros last April to accelerate its development in France.

SACD joins forces with YouTube to launch video studio. A partner of the Google subsidiary for several years, the SACD has 850 youtubers out of its 50,000 member authors.

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Why this is important: For the American platform, the aim is to offer a place to YouTubers during the expansion work of its Parisian “YouTube Space”, one of its ten major recording studios in the open world in 2015. And of side of the SACD (society of dramatic authors and composers), it is a means of supplementing the offer of its House of authors, set of workspaces (offices, auditorium, café, library) offered to members in wealthy company premises in the heart of Paris, and now open to YouTubers. With this new studio, YouTubers will eventually have two free filming spaces in Paris.

After Apple, Amazon reaches $ 1 trillion in market capitalization. Investments, diversification… Amazon’s strategy seems to be paying off.

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Credits: Amazon.

Why this is important: Amazon now employs more than 550,000 people and captures 49% of dollar transactions in the e-commerce sector for annual revenues of $ 178 billion. The company can also rely on its diversification strategy. For example, its dedicated cloud division, Amazon Web services, accounts for the majority of its operating profit. As for its Prime service, it crossed the 100 million subscriber mark last April. These elements partly explain why Amazon has started to see its profits increase. In the second quarter, the company recorded a net profit of $ 2.5 billion, against $ 197 million over the same period of 2017. Amazon therefore reached a market capitalization close to that of Apple but recording profits much less important.