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Iliad, the parent company of Free, is reviewing its track record after a disappointing first half. During the first six months of the year, the group founded by Xavier Niel lost 70,000 subscribers on mobile and 47,000 on landline.

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Why this is important: In the first half, Iliad achieved a recurring net profit of 232 million euros, down 0.4%, and sales of 2.4 billion euros, a very slight decline of 0.1% , justified in particular by “a very competitive context” in France. The trend turned in mobile between the first and the second quarter: after gaining 130,000 new customers in the first, it lost 200,000 in the second. In the fixed line, the decline in the number of subscribers accelerated with a drop of 28,000 in the second quarter, after 19,000 had already left in the first quarter.

8 million euros for Shine, the banking application that wants to seduce the self-employed. To date, the neobank claims 25,000 users.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0904
Credits: Shine.

Why this is important: After raising 2.8 million euros in July 2017, the start-up, which officially launched its banking application in February, has just completed its second round of funding. Shine is primarily aimed at self-employed workers (micro-entrepreneurs, freelancers, liberal professions, etc.) and gives them access, in this sense, to dedicated services, such as the calculation of future charges and taxes, administrative reminders, ‘issuing contracts and invoices or managing payments by bank card or bank transfer. “This series A fundraising, six months after our launch, will allow us to enrich our product to develop a complete ecosystem of services for freelancers.», Indicate Raphaël Simon and Nicolas Reboud, the founders of Shine.

Media chronology: an agreement could be signed this Thursday. Against a backdrop of upheaval in the sector with the irruption of Netflix and GAFA, it is a question of revising the current rules which date from 2009.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0904
Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, warned that in the absence of an agreement, the chronology of the media would be reformed by law, with the risk that the debates in Parliament would lead to surprises.
Credit: Markus Wissmann / Shutterstock

Why this is important: The text submitted to professionals, the result in particular of a mediation set up by Françoise Nyssen last year to unblock the discussions, generally provides for moving forward and shortening the various “windows” of film exploitation according to the different media, with an accelerated regime (via an exemption) for films making less than 100,000 admissions during their first four weeks in theaters. Françoise Nyssen had already warned that in the absence of agreement, the chronology of the media would be reformed by law, with the risk that the debates in Parliament would lead to surprises. According to the ministry, several heavyweights have already approved the project (knowing that unanimity is not necessary for it to apply) including France Télévisions, TF1, M6, Orange, Canal +, SACD and the Scam (authors’ society), or the SPI (independent producers). Only the Sevad (union of video-on-demand editors) and the SEVN (union of digital video editors) rejected it.

Pricemoov raises 3 million euros to help businesses determine the ideal selling price in real time. The company puts artificial intelligence at the service of pricing.

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Why this is important: Pricemoov has developed a tool allowing companies to define, optimize and deploy their pricing strategy. Powered by machine learning algorithms, the platform analyzes the business data it crosses with multiple variables, such as external factors that can influence demand (competitor prices, weather, events, etc.). By putting artificial intelligence at the service of prices, the platform is thus able to manage the complexity of the data to find the right balance between supply and demand. In this way, companies can optimize their prices in real time to maximize their profitability. The Parisian start-up intends to accelerate its commercial development, initially in Europe and then in other international markets.

26 months after its creation, the young Indian shoot Udaan, launched by three former directors of Flipkart, becomes a unicorn. The company has just completed a funding round of 225 million dollars.

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Credits: Shutterstock.

Why this is important: By carrying out this new fundraising, Udaan becomes the fastest of the Indian start-ups to exceed the billion dollars of valuation to obtain the status of unicorn. Based on the experience gained at Flipkart, Sujeet Kumar, Amod Malviya and Vaibhav Gupta decided to join forces to set up Udaan, a mobile application that connects 150,000 Indian traders, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers on a one and the same platform. Thanks to this device, the objective is to offer the possibility to small and medium-sized enterprises to negotiate directly with manufacturers. Currently, the company picks up the products from manufacturers and sellers in 80-100 cities across India for distribution to 800 cities nationwide.Atlassian gets his hands on OpsGenie for $ 295 million. OpsGenie, specializing in incident alerts, has more than 3,000 customers including Air Canada, Yahoo! or The Washington Post.

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Why this is important: This new acquisition anchors Atlassian a little more in a market dominated by the American ServiceNow. “When a popular website goes down, it disrupts millions of people and costs businesses $ 700 billion a year in North America alone. Responding to downtime has become one of the biggest challenges IT organizations face today», Explains the company, citing a study carried out by IHS Markit.