[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 08/29

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0829

Facebook is extending its video content service to the world of Watch. This is a new approach for Facebook, whose growth has slowed down in recent months, and which must find new relays.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0829
Credits: Facebook.

Why it matters : The service must allow users to offer new videos, of course, but also to find the latest videos classified by topic, to save certain videos, to discuss with the creators or even to interact with them. The group has also “spent a lot of time with editors of content in order to give everyone the opportunity to monetize their creations”Via a series of tools to integrate advertising into content, added Fidji Simo. The Californian group is also competing a little more with other American giants in the sector, in particular Google with its own video platform, YouTube, but also Amazon, which now offers video on demand with its Prime offer.

A plethora of applications to find your way around the food jungle. These applications complement Nutri-Score, the nutritional labeling chosen by France in the fall of 2017 but still optional.

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Credits: Shutterstock.

Why this is important: Eat less fat and less sugar, avoid allergies, buy more locally and sustainably, all thanks to your mobile phone: dozens of applications are working to meet these increasingly pressing consumer expectations. Created in 2012, Open Food Facts serves as a common base for the majority of nutritional apps currently on the market, including the popular Yuka (5 million users), which allows labels to be decrypted by scanning their barcode via their smartphone. Nicknamed “the Wikipedia of food”, this database is a collaborative platform that “decipher product labels, ingredient lists and translate them into types of allergens, additives, etc.», Details atAFP Pierre Slamich, its vice-president. More than 370,000 food products have already been identified and the site is now translated into some fifty languages, which is a delight for its manager: the more people there will be concerned, “the greater the impact on public health“.

At the IFA in Berlin, the line between man and machine blurs. The European electronics high mass will be held from August 31 to September 5 in the German capital.

Why this is important: This showcase of technological innovations, which often sets the tone for Christmas shopping, will this year give pride of place to networked household appliances, powerful software integrated into smartphones and PCs, gigantic televisions and miniaturized jewels watching over our shape. “The novelties surfing the artificial intelligence niche are the ones that will be talked about», Assures Annette Zimmermann, analyst for the firm Gartner. Like last year, the stars of the IFA will be able to give voice: is expected – but without certainty – the connected speaker of Korean Samsung, the Home Galaxy, equipped with its historic voice assistant, Bixby. The global electronics and household appliance market is estimated at 854 billion euros for this year (+ 0.8% in one year), “despite severe economic crises and an ongoing trade war», Notes the organizer of the IFA.

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RegionsJob becomes HelloWork and obtains 30 million euros to develop in Europe. With this investment capacity, the group estimates that it can acquire 5 to 10 structures depending on their level of maturity.

Why this is important: The group aims to take a position of challenger on the European market within three years. To achieve this, it has acquired an investment capacity of 30 million euros in order to carry out external growth operations. Rather, Hellowork targets scale-ups or start-ups with successful commercial experience and product marketing. And among these companies, the group looks more particularly for structures which bring a technological point or address a typology of assets that the group does not treat at all or not sufficiently, like the freelancers.

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Jérôme Armbruster (left) becomes president of HelloWork and François Leverger, managing director.
Credit: Hellowork

Flying cars soon? Japan believes in it. Among the projects presented, Cartivator is targeting a test flight from 2019.

Why this is important: Dozens of companies around the world, including many start-ups, are working on hybrid devices capable of traveling in and out of traffic by air. As for the big names, Uber, with its “Elevate” initiative supposed to relieve congestion in urban transport, and Airbus, whose flying vehicle Vahana made its first flight in February, are very active on the subject. The British industrial group Rolls-Royce also presented a project in July. The “Flyer” device, designed by start-up Kitty Hawk, funded by Google co-founder Larry Page, has already been available for pre-order since June.

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