[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 07/09

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0924

Difficult start on the stock market for the Chinese giant Xiaomi. A long-awaited IPO which coincides with the start of a trade war between China and the United States.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0709
Xiaomi head office in Beijing.

Why this is important: Even before the start of the IPO, investors had been noticeably suspicious, selling their securities at a discount last week on an unofficial “gray” market. Xiaomi initially hoped to raise on the stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai, in two separate introductions, a total of 10 billion US dollars: this would have been the biggest introduction since that of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in New York in 2014, and would therefore have valued the company around $ 100 billion. In the end, Xiaomi only enters Hong Kong at first.

Digital screens, a new source of growth for outdoor advertising. In an outdoor advertising market that fell 2% in France in 2017, the digital segment grew by more than 16%.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0709
Credit: Elise Technologies

Why this is important: In France, and particularly in the Paris region, the deployment of digital screens, and the possibilities they offer for displays, is proving to be slower than abroad. The display giant JCDecaux suffered two setbacks in this area. Its connected screen experiment carried out in 2015 on the Esplanade de la Défense was challenged by the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedom (Cnil) and the contract binding the group to the Paris City Hall for smart screens was canceled by the court. administrative in early December 2017. The Cnil estimated that “the collection (was) carried out without knowledge and without sufficient information of the people»Passing near the devices.

Carving Labs becomes Captain Wallet and raises 2 million euros to help retailers invite themselves to their customers’ smartphones. The Parisian company wants to take advantage of the boom in mobile payment to accelerate its commercial development.

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Axel Detours, Bertrand Leroy and Alexandre Pichon, the founders of Captain Wallet. Credits: Captain Wallet.

Why this is important: Captain Wallet (formerly Carving Labs) offers retailers a loyalty card dematerialization solution to create a relational channel on their customers’ smartphones. The start-up wants to support retailers in their drive-to-store strategy by using pre-embedded wallets on smartphones as a lever to dematerialize loyalty cards, but not only. Indeed, once the loyalty card has been dematerialized, the brand can customize it at will and use it to disseminate information, marketing campaigns or even commercial offers via push, scheduled or geolocated notifications. The company, which already operates in some fifteen European countries, intends to continue its expansion in Europe. Next year, it plans to open offices in five more European countries.

Guest Suite raises 2 million euros to become the European leader in customer reviews management. The Nantes start-up is currently working with hotel professionals but intends to expand, starting with real estate and the automobile industry.

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Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock

Why this is important: Guest Suite offers tourist accommodation professionals a suite of tools for managing customer reviews. Created in 2013, the company claims an average growth of 130% each year and ensures to be profitable. It has 2,000 clients and has set itself the goal of increasing its clientele six-fold within three years. Guest Suite wishes to use this fundraising to accelerate its growth, as well as to consolidate its development in France and ultimately in Europe. By going international, Guest Suite aims to become the European leader in customer reviews management.