[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 06/29

by bold-lichterman

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681 scaleups for France in 2017, ahead of Germany and behind the United Kingdom. In total, Europe has 5,596 scaleups which raised $ 83.2 billion in 2017.

Why this is important: In 2017, Europe saw the emergence of more than 1,200 scaleups, an increase of 28% compared to the previous year. This represented $ 22 billion in new invested capital. The United Kingdom is still leading the way with a growth rate of 28% of its scaleups for a total of 1,668 at the end of 2017, or 30% of the European total. The country’s performance was not hampered by the Brexit talks taking place at the time. France and Germany follow with a growth rate of 32% each. The Hexagon added 165 scaleups to its ecosystem to reach the number of 681 (12% of the European total), then follows Germany with 129 scaleups won and which has 530 (10% of the total).

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0629
Credit: Symbiot / Shutterstock

Airbnb is targeting an IPO for 2020. The American unicorn would be valued at around $ 30 billion.

Why this is important: The message sent by Brian Chesky to his collaborators aims to calm the discontent of the latter. The Airbnb IPO is a topic that crystallizes internal tensions. For the 4,000 employees of the American group, this is indeed a source of frustration insofar as many of them wish to sell their shares. Thus, the year 2020 was not chosen at random since it is on this date that the shares of certain employees will expire. After welcoming 300 million travelers during the first ten years of its existence, the American platform has set itself the goal of welcoming one billion travelers per year by 2028.

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Credits: Airbnb.

Doctrine raises 10 million euros against a background of controversy. The company claims a thousand organizations using its search engine on a daily basis.

Why this is important: Doctrine is tackling the highly prized market for legal information intended for professionals. The company was created in parallel with the law for a digital republic favorable to the opening of public data in the fall of 2016. A real revolution in open data which of course meets with strong reservations. The company, which has around fifty employees, aims for strong growth and recruit 160 people, including data scientists specializing in legal matters, to improve its developments in artificial intelligence. The announcement of this fundraising comes at the same time of a typosquatting affair, revealed by our colleagues from World in an article titled Massive data hacking in court.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0629
Photo credits: Doctrine.fr

Amazon offers the online pharmacy PillPack. Walmart was also in the running to get its hands on the American company.

Why this is important: The pharmaceutical market is considerable in the United States insofar as it is a country excessively consuming drugs, so much so that abuses are frequent. In this context, PillPack offers a solution to solve this problem, by providing controlled doses. The arrival of Amazon in this part of the economy is raising the concern of major players in the sector. In the wake of the announcement of the acquisition, major American drugstore chains blamed Wall Street shortly after opening, like Rite Aid, which fell 10.61%, or from Walgreen Boots Alliance, which fell 10.41%.

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The Google Carrefour partnership, a win-win agreement with a dose of risk. This alliance aims above all to counter Amazon.

Why this is important: It is aware of the distributor’s significant delay in the digital transformation that Alexandre Bompard, six months after his arrival at the head of Carrefour, announced that the group would invest 2.8 billion euros in this area over five years. Carrefour does nothing but follow its main competitors: in November, Auchan joined forces in China with the giant Alibaba, then at the end of March, Monoprix (Casino group) signed a partnership with Amazon. This operation is also clearly aimed at countering the firm of Jeff Bezos, which bought the American distributor of organic products Whole Foods last year and which, via its Amazon Fresh service in the United States, already has an operational logistics network.

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Adidas warns of a possible data breach in the United States. Several million customers could be affected by this data theft.

Why this is important: German sports equipment manufacturer Adidas warned on Friday about the possible hacking of its American online sales site, which collects data from millions of customers. The group explains that it was informed on Tuesday of this possible computer breach when “an unauthorized entity claimed to have limited access to certain customer data“. Adidas does not specify how many customers are affected and claims to have contacted the potential victims.

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Facebook now provides access to the list of advertisements served by a page. The 2.2 billion people registered on Facebook thus have access to all advertisements, even those to which they are not exposed, and can report “suspicious” content.

Why this is important: All pages are affected by this functionality whether they belong to a company, a non-profit organization or any other type of organization. To see how this new transparency tool will be perceived on the side of brands. Note that it also gives users the possibility to report an advertisement if they deem its content “suspicious” and to have access to the history of the page with information such as its creation date or its name changes. .