[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 06/28

by bold-lichterman

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Criteo invests 20 million euros in an artificial intelligence laboratory. This center will be located in Paris, with branches in Grenoble and Palo Alto, California.

Why this is important: The French group, listed on the Nasdaq, wishes to position itself as a leader in “deep learning” advertising and thus be able to offer each Internet user the digital advertising most likely to interest him. Criteo, specialist in data processing for “advertising retargeting”, a technology that allows advertisers to follow the browsing of an Internet user as closely as possible, employs some 300 people for research and development out of a total of nearly 3,000 employees. Criteo pleads for “an open Internet” where online commerce groups and the media can maintain control over their data in the face of the growing domination of American digital giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0628
Credit: Decode Media

Lyft raises $ 600 million to weaken Uber in the United States. The operation brings Lyft’s valuation to $ 15.1 billion.

Why this is important: Always relegated to the background since its launch six years ago, Lyft took advantage of Uber’s setbacks during 2017 to regain some ground and gain ground in American cities. While the VTC platform only posted 22% market share in the United States in January 2017, it now holds 35%. This new round table should allow Lyft to continue its forward march in the United States, but not only. Indeed, this fundraising could allow it to finance its international ambitions, particularly in Europe and Latin America. Lyft also wants to challenge Uber in areas other than VTCs. The company is thus interested in autonomous cars and self-service bicycles.

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Credits: Lyft.

Oh BiBi studio raises $ 21 million to hunt in Fortnite lands. The Parisian studio will launch its first shooting game.

Why this is important: Oh BiBi aims to redefine mobile gaming. For this, the studio is working to create mobile adaptations of the largest console and PC games. Since its creation, the French structure has produced 7 games, including the SUP racing game for which it claims more than 30 million players. In France, the mobile games ecosystem is doing well. Last year, the sector’s revenues jumped 22% to 778 million euros, according to SELL, the union of video game publishers. With this funding round, Oh BiBi hopes to take a new step in its development. “This investment from Atomico will allow us to accelerate our recruitment and launch our first shooter, FRAG», Says Stanislas Dewavrin. The Parisian studio wants to tackle the shooting game market, which it estimates at $ 9 billion. The company is keen to capitalize on the burgeoning popularity of mobile shooting games, especially with the success Fortnite is having.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0628
Martial Valéry and Stanislas Dewavrin, the founders of the Oh BiBi studio. Credits: Oh BiBi.

Amazon will support the creation of companies to strengthen its logistics. Entrepreneurs will benefit from a start-up capital of $ 10,000 to create their company and several services.

Why this is important: This new program echoes the Flex service, launched in 2015, which offers to pay deliverers by the task on slots of two, four or eight hours. Complementary, the two services aim to give Amazon, which has more than 100 million subscribers for its Prime service, a head start in establishing itself in the last mile segment and reducing its delivery costs. This year, Amazon also launched its own delivery service. For the moment, it is essentially for Amazon to supplement the capacities of UPS and FedEx, but in the long term, the American marketplace could have its own complete logistics network. According to Citigroup, Amazon could even save more than a billion dollars a year by doing without UPS and FedEx services.

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Snapchat is getting into video games. The video game platform would be directly integrated into the application and should see the light of day in the coming months.

Why this is important: This positioning is in line with some of the choices made by Snapchat in recent times. At the end of March, Evan Spiegel’s network, for example, acquired PlayCanvas, a studio specializing in the development of 3D games for Internet browsers. Not to mention the recent launch of Snappables, mini-games that combine selfie and augmented reality. With its video game platform, Snapchat would therefore go a little further. The social network has also already concluded agreements with publishers.

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Taster is raising $ 4 million to cook food exclusively for delivery. The company has already deployed its kitchens in Paris, Lille and Madrid.

Why this is important: Taster decided to enter the restaurant industry by focusing on one link in the chain: the kitchen. To do this, the company operates from local kitchens designed for home delivery of meals. With this funding round, Taster plans to accelerate the deployment of its kitchens in Paris and other French cities, such as Bordeaux and Nantes. The start-up is also considering expanding internationally after making its first foray into Spain. As part of its development, Taster will double its team of 40 cooks over the next month.

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Yoobic raises 21 million euros and exports its mobile solution for retailers to the United States. An office will open in New York in September 2018.

Why this is important: Yoobic is a B2B mobile solution created to allow brands to optimize their point-of-sale operations (promotions, visual merchandising, etc.) and simplify communication between head office and points of sale. The company claims more than 100 retail customers with a solution used in more than 200,000 points of sale in 44 countries. Yoobic plans to recruit 100 people in the next 12 months to strengthen its sales and marketing teams as well as R&D. This will also allow the business to expand in the United States.

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Credit: Yoobic

The Niçois Navily raises 1 million euros to simplify the life of boaters. The recommendation and reservation application for boaters boasts a community of 70,000 members.

Why this is important: In view of its growth, Navily aims to connect more than 1 million boaters and allow the reservation of berths in 1,500 ports in Europe within 5 years. For this, the young growth plans to strengthen its teams. In 2019, it will also launch premium offers for boaters and marinas.

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Credit: Navily