[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 06/27

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0627

Uber recovers a 15-month operating license in London. The British capital is the largest market in Europe for Uber with 40,000 drivers and 3.5 million users.

Why this is important: This is one of the first major victories for Dara Khosrowshahi since taking charge of Uber. The VTC platform will be able to continue its activities in London. Indeed, the British justice considered that the American firm made sufficient changes to comply with local legislation. Despite this breath of fresh air, Uber is not completely out of the woods across the Channel. The VTC platform will remain under close surveillance during the 15-month probationary period that has been granted to it. “This license is subject to clear and strict conditions which TfL will carefully monitor.Sadiq Khan said on Twitter. In particular, Uber will have to carry out an independent audit every six months.

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Crème de la Crème raises 3 million euros to bring together the best freelancers in Europe. The start-up has just opened an office in London to conquer the Anglo-Saxon market.

Why this is important: In recent months, the start-up has raised its standards by selecting the best profiles among freelancers for tech, data, design, marketing and communication themes. With this new funding round, Crème de la Crème plans to develop its community of freelancers in Europe. In this sense, the start-up has just opened an office in London to conquer the Anglo-Saxon market. The company is also deploying a mobile application to facilitate collaboration between freelancers and companies on a European scale. It also allows each user to exchange with the rest of the community, to invoice their missions, to collect the money and to be assisted in their administrative procedures.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0627
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Facebook and Google “manipulate” users despite the GDPR. A Norwegian government agency notes in a report that the settings proposed by the two US giants violate the GDPR.

Why this is important: By proposing “intrusive” default settings, which leave little choice in terms of confidentiality, Facebook and Google are pushing users to share their information despite new European legislation, a study published Wednesday said. According to the elements studied, the default settings of Facebook and Google are most often the least respectful of privacy. In addition, users rarely change them. Settings more favorable to confidentiality “Require more clicks and are often hidden”, insists the study.

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Baidu and Ford are teaming up to develop the car driving of tomorrow. This alliance aims to make the driving experience of Chinese motorists smarter.

Why this is important: As part of this agreement, the two companies will work in the fields of artificial intelligence, connectivity and digital marketing for the automotive industry. Baidu and Ford notably plan to develop a new on-board system and services based on DuerOS, Baidu’s conversational artificial intelligence platform. The two groups will also create a joint connectivity lab to study opportunities for innovation in their automotive and mobility businesses in China, as well as in cloud computing.

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Security breach discovered at FastBooking, a subsidiary of AccorHotels. FastBooking, an e-commerce service platform for the hotel industry, claims 8,000 customers worldwide.

Why this is important: Hundreds of hotels are said to be affected by the malicious intrusion. This one, which dates from June 14, was discovered by FastBooking on June 19, and the breach closed in the process. In some cases, the hacker would have obtained details about the payment cards, such as the name printed on the card, the card number and its expiration date.

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Balbix raises $ 20 million to develop predictive cybersecurity in businesses. The American start-up relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to anticipate online attacks.

Why this is important: Balbix is ​​developing a predictive approach to corporate cybersecurity. For this, the San José-based start-up relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to detect and track all potential vulnerabilities within a company (weak passwords, malware, bad laptop computers). secured…). The system developed by Balbix is ​​added to the operational security products already in service in the company to obtain a real-time view of its degree of protection and to detect its weaknesses. By having better visibility on the surfaces prone to attacks, the solution of the Californian startup can thus establish scenarios of attacks online to allow companies to better protect themselves.

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Twitter will request an email or phone number to confirm new accounts. The social network has identified more than 9.9 million accounts that are automatic or plagued by potential spamming techniques per week.

Why this is important: Twitter already uses artificial intelligence programs to limit the influence of bots, but this new approach aims to control both the behavior patterns of certain users and the content delivered. The social network has already acknowledged that the bots were very present on the network and had served to spread false information and divisive topics to sow discord in American society at the time of the 2016 presidential election.

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Magic Makers raises 3 million euros to develop new educational programs. The Parisian company targets children from 6 to 15 years old.

Why this is important: Magic Makers aims through this roundtable to open new places to deploy its workshops as well as to develop new educational programs. “In a world undergoing profound change, training children from an early age in the digital humanities and 21st century skills is a necessity. Magic Makers has established a brand and a pedagogy. We are delighted to participate in its future development in schools», Explains Marie-Christine Levet, president of Educapital.

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How the private sector is conquering space. NASA is so dependent on the private sector that it has contracts with SpaceX and Boeing to send its astronauts there from 2019.

Why this is important: Earth’s orbit has never been so accessible. Thanks to miniaturization, small satellites weighing a few kilos are manufactured quickly and for a few tens of thousands of dollars. These modular Cubesats represented 292 of the 345 satellites launched in 2017, according to the annual report of the Satellite Industry Association. “They are almost disposable», Said to theAFP Claude Rousseau, of Northern Sky Research, with a lifespan of around seven years, he said, but they can easily be replaced. In the coming months, the OneWeb start-up as well as SpaceX want to place constellations of hundreds of small satellites in orbit to provide very high-speed Internet access on the ground. Competition is also fierce in the terrestrial observation market: several companies want to do the same to provide public and private customers with high-resolution and frequent photographs of places such as infrastructure, farmland or military installations.

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