[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 06/07

by bold-lichterman

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Airbnb signs an agreement with the government to limit rentals to 120 nights per year. The signing of this agreement comes a few days before the Elan law is voted in the National Assembly.

Why this is important: So many concessions from platforms like Airbnb may seem surprising after years of resistance. However, for these actors in the collaborative economy, it is a way of protecting themselves with a view to the adoption of the Elan law, currently being examined in the National Assembly for a first reading vote on June 13, which provides for increased penalties for Airbnb-type platforms and individuals. It must be said that parliamentarians put pressure on these platforms by agitating the threat of an amendment to article 51 of the law which provided for lowering the legal limit from 120 nights to 90. The platforms signatories of the ‘agreement with the government have also recalled in the preamble of the text that they “offered to make these voluntary commitments, subject to confirmation of the maintenance of the annual limit of 120 rental days for primary residences“.

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Swapcard raises 4 million euros to facilitate networking during events. The Parisian company, present in 42 countries, works with more than 1,000 international events.

Why this is important: This funding round should enable Swapcard to improve its solution, by injecting more artificial intelligence into it, and to strengthen its international presence. After opening offices in Germany, Spain and Canada, the start-up also wants to create branches in the other countries in which it operates, notably in the United States, South Africa, the Ivory Coast, India and South Korea. This international expansion will be accompanied by a strengthening of the workforce with the recruitment of ten additional employees.

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The European Commission is ready to invest 9.2 billion euros in digital. Supercomputers, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital skills… In all, five areas are concerned.

Why this is important: The Commission wants to align the next long-term budget of the European Union for the period 2021-2027 with the growing challenges in the digital field. Of the 9 billion euros allocated to digital, 2.7 billion will be dedicated to supercomputers, 2.5 billion to artificial intelligence, 2 billion to cybersecurity, 1.3 billion to digital transformation and 700 million to the development of digital skills of Europeans.

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Marqeta raises $ 45 million to provide payment solutions for businesses. This round of funding should allow American FinTech to expand its operations internationally.

Why this is important: This funding round should allow American FinTech to accelerate the development of its activity and expand its operations internationally. Marqeta is aimed at companies looking to issue debit and credit cards, both physical and virtual, to their employees, partners and customers. For this, the company has developed a platform that allows companies to design payment solutions within their structure, which can notably result in the creation of personalized virtual cards for suppliers and employees.

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How Alibaba wants to bring agriculture up to date with artificial intelligence. Sensors, visual and voice recognition, machine-learning… The Chinese e-commerce giant uses its artificial intelligence in the smart-farming sector.

Why this is important: This program is part of Alibaba’s global ambition, intended to disrupt various segments of the market and societal challenges thanks to artificial intelligence: smart cities, autonomous vehicles, industrial production, health, environmental protection are among the subjects. that Alibaba intends to send, via AND Brain. The ambition of Chinese companies to take the global lead in artificial intelligence is well established. In this global speed race, they are fully supported by the authorities, who display the political will to make the country the world champion of the subject by 2030, through the execution of a national development plan. In terms of technologies, China relies in particular on facial recognition, which is becoming more and more integrated into the daily lives of Chinese people, for the purposes of consumption or surveillance by the authorities. These include the unicorns Megvii and SenseTime or the start-up CloudWalk.

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Invivox, 2.8 million euros to promote training between doctors. The young Bordeaux start-up has more than 1,400 trainers in a dozen medical specialties.

Why this is important: The start-up has developed a platform to connect doctors from all over the world who visit their colleagues to discover a new operating technique or a new therapeutic approach. These training sessions are carried out in the operating room or in the room, one-on-one or in small groups. To enrich its training offer, the company has formed partnerships with several hospitals in France, such as the Rouen University Hospital or the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital, and in the United States, such as Columbia in New York. With this funding round, Invivox plans to accelerate its development in France and internationally.

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Patxi Ospital, co-founder and COO of Invivox. Credits: Invivox.