[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 05/31

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0531

42 million euros for the Rennes start-up Klaxoon. The company now claims 100,000 users worldwide.

Why this is important: In less than 3 years, Klaxoon has attracted more than a million users in 1,500 client organizations, 30% of which are international, also split between large accounts (including 90% of the CAC40) and SMEs. A development supported by a very strong virality, with enormous sources of growth on an international scale.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0531

Two years after its takeover, Nokia resells Withings to its founder. Eric Carreel will take over the 200 people working for Nokia Health and relaunch the Withings brand.

Why this is important: While Nokia wanted to position itself in the connected health market with Withings, things quickly got complicated for the French nugget within the Scandinavian company. A few weeks after the completion of the acquisition, Ramzi Haidamus, then president of Nokia Technologies, had slammed the door of the group. But it was he who had brought this redemption. With his departure, all the ambitions that Nokia nurtured in Withings have vanished, with the result that we know. The amount of the repurchase was not disclosed, but would not exceed 30 million euros, far from the 170 million euros put on the table by Nokia in 2016 to afford Withings.

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Eric Carreel, co-founder of Withings. Credits: Nokia.

$ 620 million more for Chinese unicorn artificial intelligence SenseTime. The start-up’s valuation now exceeds $ 4.5 billion.

Why this is important: This new funding round comes less than two months after a $ 600 million funding round led by Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba. With this fundraising, the Chinese unicorn plans to accelerate its development to continue its research in artificial intelligence. Recently, SenseTime signed an agreement with Alibaba to open a non-profit artificial intelligence research center in Hong Kong. In artificial intelligence, China wants to hold out against the United States to become the leader in the sector. In this sense, Beijing unveiled in July 2017 a national development plan for artificial intelligence so that the sector generates more than $ 20 billion by 2020 and nearly $ 60 billion by 2025.

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Credits: Shutterstock.

OnCrawl is raising 3.5 million euros to improve SEO performance for pure players. The Bordeaux start-up plans to open offices in the United States, London and Berlin in the coming months.

Why this is important: Every day, OnCrawl processes over 200 million URLs. The analysis and use of data from Internet pages makes it possible to better manage customer activities and boost their income. To date, the start-up claims more than 800 customers around the world. With this funding round, OnCrawl plans to double its revenue in 2018 and accelerate its expansion in North America. By 2022, 80 positions should be created to support the development of the company.

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Faced with Revolut and N26, the British neobank Starling Bank raises 91 million euros. This year, Starling Bank plans to launch its services in several European countries, including France.

Why this is important: Although it adopts the standards of mobile banking, the British neobank is distinguished by an open banking approach. With its model, mobile banking intends to conquer the United Kingdom and Europe. For this, it also has a full banking license to operate throughout the European Union. However, Starling Bank will have to face increasing competition. On a European scale, the neobank will have to face the British Revolut, which claims 1.5 million users in Europe, including 220,000 in France, and the German N26, which has more than 850,000 customers, including 200,000 in the hexagon.

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Credits: Starling Bank.

Tradeshift raises 250 million dollars to continue its expansion in the digitization of the supply chain. This fundraising brings the total amount of funds raised by Tradeshift to $ 400 million, now valued at $ 1.1 billion.

Why this is important: With this funding round, Tradeshift wishes to launch various strategic initiatives to continue its expansion in Europe and Asia, as well as to increase the volumes of transactions carried out on its platform and invest in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, via its incubator, Frontiers, launched at the start of the year.

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Credit: Shutterstock / Kamonrat

Mary Meeker unveils the major Internet trends for 2018. 3.6 billion Internet users on earth, 0% growth for smartphone shipments, the power of Amazon… Focus on a few key topics.

Why this is important: This year, throughout the 294 pages, Mary Meeker discusses trends around data and personalization, R&D in tech companies, innovation in e-commerce, ways the internet helps consumers to control their spending or the rise of China in Internet-related markets. It is impossible to focus on all topics, but here is a selection of themes and key figures.

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Mary Meeker, author of the Internet Trends Report. Credit: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers