[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 05/30

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0530

Taxify raises $ 175 million from Didi Chuxing and Daimler to challenge Uber. Korelya Capital, a fund founded and chaired by Fleur Pellerin, also took part in the round table which values ​​the start-up at $ 1 billion.

Why this is important: Founded in 2013, Taxify claims more than 500,000 drivers in 25 countries and 10 million passengers. In France, the start-up started operating in Paris in October 2017. It is also present in Lyon. Taxify ensures that it offers higher income to drivers with a 15% commission levied on each trip, compared to 25% at Uber. On the customer side, it claims rates that are 10% lower.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0530
Markus Villig, co-founder of Taxify.
Credit: Taxify

With Axa, BlaBlaCar is launching automobile insurance for its users. Launched in France, the “BlaBlaSure” offer could quickly be extended to other European countries.

Why this is important: With 14 million users in France, BlaBlaCar has a solid base to become a new insurance distribution channel via its platform. The platform intends to use data collected on the thousands of daily trips (routes, evaluation of drivers, user habits, etc.) since its creation in 2006. The world leader in carpooling expects more and more Drivers and passengers alike seek additional protection for their journeys, in addition to the cost of insuring a vehicle.

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Credits: BlaBlaCar.

Karnott raises 2.5 million euros to optimize the monitoring of agricultural machinery in Europe. The Lille start-up plans to launch in Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Why this is important: Karnott has designed a connected box which is placed on each agricultural machine (tractors, trailers, seed drills, etc.) to automatically collect information from agricultural machinery in real time (area, distance, time spent on the machine, etc.) and centralize it on a platform , accessible on computer or smartphone. Thanks to the GPS and to several sensors integrated in the box, it makes it possible in particular to geolocate an agricultural machine and to record the intervention carried out in the plot. In this way, actors in the agricultural sector no longer need to use notebooks to monitor interventions and the condition of equipment. To date, more than 800 connected boxes have been installed.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0530
Antoine Dequidt and Alexandre Cuvelier, the founders of Karnott. Credits: Karnott.

Uptime raises 2 million euros to accelerate the predictive maintenance of elevators. Kima Ventures, the fund of Xavier Niel, or Jacques-Antoine Granjon took part in this round table.

Why this is important: Uptime’s predictive maintenance technology makes it possible to intervene before the failure. For this, it relies on the IoT and big data. Thanks to a box, the mechanisms of the connected cabin are constantly monitored. The company has a portfolio of more than 40 clients, condominium trustees, real estate companies of large companies and property managers. On the same market, we can cite historical players such as Koné, Otis or Schindler who are also developing their offers towards more technology.

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Credit: Shutterstock / Dmitry Kalinovsky