[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 05/23

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0523

“Tech for Good” summit, Emmanuel Macron in operation seduction with the digital giants. The French president receives around fifty big digital bosses at the Elysee Palace.

Why this is important: If bringing together so many major players in the same room seems like a performance for Emmanuel Macron, in a context of mistrust marked in particular by the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, this summit arouses criticism from several French Tech players, who accuse the President of the Republic to play the game of global giants, whose ethics leave much to be desired. Beyond the seduction operation attempted by Emmanuel Macron with the big digital bosses, it is the number of representatives of Tech with a positive impact that disturbs. Of the fifty or so heavyweights invited by the French president, only five come from social and solidarity tech.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0523
Credits: Shutterstock.

GV (ex-Google Ventures) invests in the French start-up Owkin. Alphabet’s investment fund completes the A series of the artificial intelligence start-up dedicated to medical research.

Why this is important: This financing will enable the company to accelerate the development of its proprietary technology, to initiate new strategic partnerships and to continue recruiting talents in machine learning, data science and bioinformatics. Owkin uses machine learning to accelerate research in biology and medicine. The Owkin Socrates platform is intended for academic or hospital researchers, as well as researchers in the pharmaceutical industry, to help in the discovery and development of new drugs and treatments. Socrates uses machine learning to analyze libraries of medical imaging, molecular and genomic data, and clinical data from patients. The aim is to discover biomarkers and mechanisms associated with diseases and responses to treatments.

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The founders of Owkin. Credit: Owkin

Additional $ 4 million for Hugging Face’s AI dedicated to teens. The start-up claims more than 100 million messages exchanged between its conversational artificial intelligence and its users.

Why this is important: Hugging Face develops a conversational artificial intelligence that is able to hold a conversation with the user. However, the application was not designed to make life easier for the user but to entertain him. The goal of the application is to get closer to real conversations between teenagers in a quirky tone. This new financing should enable Hugging Face to strengthen its workforce. “Our goal is to become the most widely used conversational artificial intelligence in the United States», Says Clément Delangue, co-founder and CEO of Hugging Face.

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Credits: Hugging Face.

Platform.sh is raising 28 million euros to continue the internationalization of its cloud solutions. The French company particularly wishes to accelerate the marketing of Platform.sh in North America and China.

Why this is important: Platform.sh is an application platform that aims to simplify cloud infrastructures. Its solution allows customers to develop, test and deploy their web applications in cloud mode. It claims more than 650 major accounts in the world with an annual growth of 110%. According to Gartner, application platforms as a service are expected to grow in business to generate $ 15 billion in revenue in 2018, up from $ 12 billion in 2017.

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Credit: Platform.sh

Balderton Capital invests $ 4 million in French start-up Tempow. The start-up was born with one goal: to connect all bluetooth speakers, regardless of their brand.

Why this is important: With this funding round, Tempow intends to extend its field of action to all types of peripherals, such as televisions, computers and connected speakers. In addition, the young growth wants to see further than by the only premium of audio. In this sense, Tempow will develop new products around bluetooth technology. In particular, the company wants to work on further securing the wireless connection protocol. With the explosion of the IoT market, illustrated by the rise of connected speakers like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, the potential to be exploited is significant for Tempow. The start-up relies mainly on Asia to boost its growth. In this context, the company is considering opening an office in China, in Shenzhen.

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eLichens raises 7 million euros to fight against air pollution. The Grenoble start-up offers services and solutions for measuring air quality in the B2B segment.

Why this is important: eLichens is a start-up whose mission is to enable individuals to digitize their environment. The objective of the operation is the large-volume marketing of its miniaturized gas sensors to serve the needs of its industrial customers as well as the large-scale deployment of its platform which performs intelligent analysis of indoor air quality and outdoors for the Smart City, Smart Home and Smart Building markets.

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