[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 05/22

by bold-lichterman

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Adobe is spending $ 1.68 billion to buy Magento Commerce. This acquisition should allow Adobe to boost the activity of its Experience Cloud ecosystem.

Why this is important: This is Adobe’s biggest acquisition in almost a decade. Adobe relies on Magento Commerce to enrich its offer and succeed in diversifying its activity, with an emphasis on digital marketing and now online commerce. By strengthening itself in this market, Adobe hopes to gain ground with behemoths, such as SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, or players such as the Canadian Shopify and the French PrestaShop, positioned in exactly the same segment as Megento Commerce.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0522
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Cook Angels raises 2.2 million euros to industrialize its concept of delivering meal kits. To achieve this, the start-up intends to rely on the agri-food group Norac, which has taken a majority stake in the company.

Why this is important: Every week, throughout France, the start-up delivers to its subscribers a box containing all the ingredients, with already cut vegetables and recipe cards to make everyday dinners in 10 to 30 minutes. The company claims to have delivered more than 500,000 meals since its creation. With this funding round, Cook Angels intends to invest in the industrialization of its concept, notably with the development of a new premises. The start-up also wants to recruit in logistics but also in digital for the development of its website.

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Ekim raises 2.2 million euros to launch its restaurant controlled by pizza robots. The first point of sale should open in France at the end of the year and will be 100% autonomous.

Why this is important: Pazzi will be a restaurant offering pizzas, drinks, desserts and salads and 100% autonomous, from order to reception. Customers will also be able to witness what the brand calls a “show cooking“, That is to say, they will be able to see the robots prepare their order with”movements developed with elegance“. They will also have access to ultra-customization with over 500,000 recipe combinations available. Ekim plans to launch the pilot of the Pazzi brand at the end of the year and then develop it as a franchise or license in 2019. Several formats will be available, in sit-down, take-out, food court or even drive-in .

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0522
Credit: Ekim and Design Label Experience

Alibaba teams up with SenseTime to open an artificial intelligence lab in Hong Kong. This research center aims to make Kong Kong a global hub for artificial intelligence.

Why this is important: In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, Alibaba has made artificial intelligence one of its priorities to accelerate its development. The Chinese juggernaut announced last year its intention to invest more than $ 15 billion over three years in research and development. This envelope should allow Alibaba to reach 2 billion customers and create 100 million jobs by 2036. The opening of a new laboratory in Hong Kong comes in a context favorable to artificial intelligence in China. And for good reason, China simply aims to become the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2025. As a reminder, Beijing announced in July 2017 a national development plan in favor of this sector so that the artificial intelligence industry artificial intelligence generates more than 20 billion dollars by 2020 and nearly 60 billion dollars by 2025.

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365Talents, 2.5 million euros to find the best talents within the company. According to the Lyon start-up, 80% of talent is expressed outside of HR tools and processes.

Why this is important: By broadening the field of vision of human resources departments, 365Talents’ approach aims to allow them to have a real-time vision of the forces present within the company’s teams to optimize internal mobility and thus contribute to professional development of employees. With this round table, 365Talents plans to expand its influence in France and internationally, and to strengthen its workforce.

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[NUMBERS] Facebook’s platforms bring together nearly 1 billion story users. It’s more than Snapchat that invented and popularized the format.

Why this is important: Facebook’s strength has been in particular to capitalize very quickly abroad, in particular with the addition of stories to WhatsApp, an application with a very international audience. Snapchat, for its part, has focused on the American market for a long time and only recently decided to focus on emerging countries by redesigning its Android application. Facebook announced the arrival of advertising in the stories of the social network with a first test in the United States, Mexico and Brazil.