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Aircall raises 25 million euros to dust off business telephony. Available in 40 countries, the service claims more than 3,000 corporate customers around the world.

Why this is important: This financing should enable Aircall to accelerate the development of its business telephony solution. In this context, the French start-up plans to strengthen its workforce by recruiting around 100 additional employees based in Paris and New York. After having entered into partnerships with Salesforce, Zendesk and Zoho, Aircall intends to cross the bar of one hundred integrations by 2019.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0516
Credits: Aircall.

After the United States, the Netherlands in turn banned Kaspersky antivirus from their administration. Faced with growing distrust from Western countries, Kaspersky has announced the relocation of part of its activities to Switzerland.

Why this is important: Already frowned upon by Washington and London, the software of the Russian company, specializing in cybersecurity solutions, is now in the sights of the Dutch government. Like the Americans and the British, the Netherlands suspects Kaspersky of being the Kremlin’s Trojan horse to recover sensitive data. The Russian company denounces “a decision based on theoretical concerns“And claims to be the victim of”geopolitical struggle“.

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Boosted by mobile games, Tencent’s results beat all expectations. The Chinese giant announced a net profit of 3.7 billion dollars, an increase of 61% compared to the same period last year.

Why this is important: For the first quarter of 2018, games for smartphones boosted Tencent’s results. This sector alone saw its turnover increased by 68% over one year to reach $ 3.4 billion, while the results generated by PC games remained stable ($ 2.2 billion). The company’s “Honor of Kings” game was the highest-grossing mobile game in the world last year. Tencent then distributed it in the West under the name “Arena of Valor”. And this branch should continue to be a financial windfall for the group, even if the latter warns that late monetization and heavy marketing expenses should have an impact on the turnover generated by mobile games in the short term.

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Credit: Lovely Bird / Shutterstock

EcoTree raises 1.2 million euros to encourage individuals and companies to reforest French forests. Since its creation, the company based in Finistère has claimed 35,907 trees planted, for 754,447 kilos of CO2 absorbed.

Why this is important: EcoTree allows individuals and companies to participate in the reforestation of French forests. For this, the company buys forest areas and agricultural land, so as to allow an individual or a company to become the owner of one or more trees, by financing their plantation. With this first funding round, EcoTree intends to accelerate its commercial and technological development.

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Credits: EcoTree.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise acquires Plexxi to step up in hybrid cloud. The financial terms of the takeover were not disclosed but the start-up was valued at $ 267 million during its last round of funding in 2016.

Why this is important: This announcement comes as tech companies continue to grow stronger in the cloud. Another example, Google recently announced its intention to acquire Velostrata, a specialist in migration to the cloud. HPE plans to integrate Plexxi technology into its “hyperconverged” solutions by leveraging the industry-specific SimpliVity, which it acquired last year. In any case, the cloud has been a particularly promising sector for Amazon and Microsoft whose results have soared thanks to this department. Amazon, for example, saw the turnover of its cloud branch increase by 48% to reach $ 5.4 billion.

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Credit: Zakiahza / Shutterstock

CCI France is launching its marketplace of applications dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs. Ultimately, the CCI plans to have 300 online solutions.

Why this is important: It is a marketplace which brings together various digital solutions aimed at facilitating the procedures of entrepreneurs throughout the life of their structure: creation, transmission, search for funding, internationalization … But beware, Pierre Goguet, president of CCI France, affirms that it is not a question of reducing human interactions between CCIs and entrepreneurs and speaks of “increased proximity“.

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