[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 05/10

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0510

Tiamat is raising 3.6 million euros to develop more durable batteries that are faster to recharge. The Picardy company hopes to market its first sodium batteries from 2020.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0510
Iona Moog, CTO, and Laurent Hubard, founder and CEO of Tiamat. Credits: Tiamat.

Why this is important: The Picardy company ensures that sodium batteries are more advantageous with 10 times faster charges and discharges and a longer life with a number of cycles 10 times greater (more than 10 years of life expectancy against 3- 4 for lithium batteries), all for an equivalent cost. This round of funding should allow Tiamat to tackle the home stretch before marketing its batteries. In this context, the Picardy company intends to speed up the production of battery cells and their qualification. This stage should be spread over the next 18 months and will lead to the industrialization phase.

HR Tech ZipRecruiter Raises $ 156 Million And Becomes A Unicorn. The company claims more than 100,000 corporate clients and 10 million candidates for 5.6 million job offers.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0510

Why this is important: This fundraising brings the total amount of funds raised by the company to $ 219 million and at the same time brings it into the unicorn club with a valuation estimated at around $ 1.5 billion. The startup allows companies to post job offers on several different sites, such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook or Twitter, to speed up their recruitment process. The ads are also published on its own platform including its mobile application. The platform draws on data such as previous employers the candidate has been interested in, the type of searches conducted on the site, how a person’s profile matches that of other candidates by whom the company has already been interested. But ZipRecruiter wants to go further as Ian Siegel, co-founder and CEO, explains in an interview with TechCrunch. Faced with the quantity of unfilled jobs and the number of candidates who cannot find the opportunity that corresponds to them, the company wishes to be able to guide these candidates. The idea would be to help them understand why they cannot find a job and provide them with advice, such as acquiring this or that skill in addition.

Cybersecurity, crucial for the connected and autonomous car. The most commonly considered scenario is not that of a cyberattack to cause crashes, but data theft with a ransom note.

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Credits: Shutterstock.

Why this is important: Cybersecurity has become a priority for car manufacturers, starting today to ensure flawless security for connected cars, which are therefore potentially vulnerable to cyberattacks, but even more so tomorrow, to succeed in the challenge of the autonomous car. The industry has therefore taken the measure of the risk. Thales has been working since 2013 with manufacturers and equipment suppliers on the cybersecurity of automobiles, drawing on its expertise in aeronautics. Likewise, the idea of ​​the chair co-directed by Guillaume Duc, which brings together industrialists and researchers, comes from Renault, which wanted to unite activities around cybersecurity applied to vehicles.

Blockchain: Utocat raises 1.6 million euros to take off in Europe. The northern company has set itself the goal of deploying its Catalizr solution in one to three countries within two years.

1605263073 264 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0510
Credits: Utocat.

Why this is important: Founded in 2014 by Clément Francomme, Utocat develops blockchain-based solutions for the banking and insurance sector. To date, the northern company offers two products. The first, called “Blockchainiz”, is a blockchain access platform allowing its customers to develop their own applications based on this technology. As for the second product, called “Catalizr”, it is a digital management solution for unlisted securities aimed at players in banking and finance. With this funding, Utocat plans to accelerate its deployment in France and expand across Europe with its Catalizr solution.

Unicorn Ledger will open a new factory in 2019 to secure cryptocurrency. The first stone of this future industrial site was laid this Friday in Vierzon (Cher).

1605263074 951 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0510
Éric Larchevêque, co-founder and CEO of Ledger. Credits: Ledger.

Why this is important: Ledger, leader in security solutions for applications linked to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, will open a factory in Vierzon (Cher) by 2019 and envisage around a hundred hires, we learned on Friday. the laying of the first stone of this future industrial site. The factory should be able to be easily enlarged if necessary thanks to an evolutionary design of the premises which incorporates a future increase in activity. The company is indeed fueling new projects. After having mainly addressed the individual market, it turned to the big banks and hedge funds.

How Qutoutiao, the Chinese news aggregator, made its entry on the Nasdaq. Qutoutiao has more than 17 million daily active users.

1605263074 158 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0510

Why this is important: In mid-September, the information aggregator Qutoutiao supported by the giant Tencent, came to swell the list of Chinese companies which choose to launch their IPO on American soil, like the online pharmacy 111 or even Nio. , specializing in electric cars. It was then the 25th Asian-based company to debut on a New York Stock Exchange this year, for a total of $ 7.4 billion raised, up from $ 4.9 billion in 2017, according to reports. data compiled by Bloomberg. Qutoutiao was launched in 2016 and has over 17 million daily active users. Users who devote nearly 56 minutes per day to the application. It therefore has serious arguments to attract investors. On the financial side, the company recorded sales of $ 108.5 million in the first half of 2018, a significant increase from the $ 16.2 million generated over the same period of 2017.