[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 04/23

by bold-lichterman

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TL; DR (invariable acronym) (21st century): initials of too long; didn’t read,
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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0423

Slite raises 3.7 million euros to tackle the market dominated by Google Docs and Evernote. The collaborative application is used by more than 3,500 active users in 250 companies.

Why this is important: The French start-up was inspired by the structure of Slack, an American collaborative application renowned for its simplicity and agility, to offer companies a new way of collaborating around internal documents. This funding round should allow Slite to accelerate the development of its product and strengthen its workforce, both in Paris and in San Francisco. In this way, the young French shoot intends to increase its weight on the market to challenge the domination of the American giant Google Docs.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0423
Credits: Slite.

The state will use the blockchain to manage free frequencies. The operational start-up is expected at the end of 2018.

Why this is important: The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) and the start-up Blockchain Partner have officially announced the establishment of their partnership for the launch of a blockchain that will optimize the use of free frequencies. The role of the ANFR is to plan, manage and control the use in France of the public domain of radio-electric frequencies. The agency allocates certain frequencies for exclusive use but others are intended for free use, such as wifi bands. But these free frequencies are more and more in demand for other technologies such as the Internet of Things, in particular with the LoRa network, or even during major media events. The Blockchain of frequencies that the ANFR and Blockchain Partner will put in place will allow the different players to be able to declare their use over a given geographical area so that everyone has the information that will allow them to organize themselves as well as possible.

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This blockchain will make it possible to better manage the free frequencies which are increasingly in demand, especially for major media events. Credit: Franz Pfluegl / Shutterstock

13 years after its takeover by Yahoo, Flickr changes hands. The service, which is a pioneer in the hosting and photo sharing industry, has just been acquired by SmugMug.

Why this is important: After the takeover of Yahoo by the North American operator Verizon last year for 4.5 billion dollars, Flickr had joined Oath, the subsidiary of Verizon dedicated to digital content. This change had been resented by Flickr employees, who felt they had been completely neglected since the arrival of Verizon. This acquisition by SmugMug thus constitutes an unexpected breath of fresh air for the managers of the platform, who now hope to have real human and financial resources to resume their flight. The relief is all the greater at Flickr as SmugSmug is positioned in the same business segment.

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Credits: SmugMug & Flickr.

Walmart set to acquire a controlling stake in Flipkart for $ 12 billion. Walmart was preferred to Amazon and this will allow it to take an important place in Indian e-commerce.

Why this is important: This transaction would be Walmart’s largest acquisition ever for an e-commerce company. According to projections made by Morgan Stanley, the e-commerce sector in India is at the beginning of its development and should represent around 200 billion dollars within ten years. Walmart already has 21 points of sale in the country but this acquisition would allow it to finally be able to gain a foothold in Indian e-commerce. According to a Forrester estimate, Flipkart controls almost 40% of online distribution in India.

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Credit: kevin brine / Shutterstock.com

Kicklox, 1.1 million euros to offer engineers à la carte to companies. The Parisian start-up is positioned as a trusted third party in the realization of R&D projects of start-ups and SMEs.

Why this is important: With this funding round, Kicklox plans to accelerate the development of its activity in France by attracting new customers, large groups and SMEs, to new projects. At the same time, the start-up wants to expand its community of engineers. To date, the company boasts a community of 15,000 qualified engineers on its platform, available to more than 500 customers, including Airbus, Nokia and PSA.

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Romain Villechenon and Kevin Muller, the founders of Kicklox. Credits: Kicklox.