[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 04/10

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0410

Alan raises 23 million euros to become the benchmark health insurance for French companies. To date, Alan covers more than 7,000 people and 850 companies.

Why this is important: This new round of funding should allow Alan to triple his number of insured this year and reach the 100,000 people covered within three years. To support this acceleration, the start-up will strengthen its workforce, going from around twenty employees at present to 80 employees in less than a year. With this funding, Alan also intends to develop new services to support employees in helping medical decision-making and ensuring their well-being at work.

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Adidas is reducing the focus on physical retail to focus on e-commerce. The company wants to see its e-commerce activity grow from 1.6 billion euros last year to 4 billion euros by 2020.

Why this is important: Adidas has 2,500 stores worldwide and 13,000 single-brand franchise stores. The three-striped brand plans to close stores in the next few years in order to focus more on selling its products online. The goal is to reduce the number of stores to keep only the most productive and best designed. In 2017, Adidas recorded a turnover of more than 20 billion euros.

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Credit: Shutterstock.com

Singlespot, € 6 million to increase the efficiency of merchant drive-to-store campaigns. This round of funding should enable the start-up to develop its activities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy by the end of the year.

Why this is important: Singlespot is banking on mobile marketing, relying on geolocation technology and an audience of 12 million mobile users, to reinvent the drive-to-store. To do this, the company offers retailers drive-to-store and data intelligence tools to better understand who their customers are, increase in-store traffic and optimize the management of their points of sale. By collecting millions of location data every day, the start-up offers the opportunity for traditional retailers to launch more relevant and effective drive-to-store campaigns.

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Alexandre Fortoul, co-founder of Singlespot, and Aurélie Bost, commercial director of Singlespot. Credits: Singlespot.

The LVMH group wants to support 50 start-ups per year at Station F. Historically, the group’s relations with digital have sometimes been complicated.

Why this is important: Conventionally, start-ups participating in the program will be able to benefit from support from LVMH, for example individualized coaching. Moreover, on the side of start-ups, they tend to have a smile on their face. Some are already working with brands of the group and hope to extend their collaborations to other houses, others expect this to open doors for them. So far, 23 start-ups have joined the program since November 2017.

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Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, Xavier Niel, founder of Station F, and Ian Rogers, Chief Digital Officer LVMH, stop in front of the stands presenting the start-ups during the inauguration.
Credit: Decode Media Media / FrenchWeb / Joseph Postec

Linxo offers Sharepay to speed up payment. To date, Linxo claims 1.7 million users.

Why this is important: In March, the French FinTech positioned itself in payment by announcing the creation of a payment institution called “Oxlin”. This aims to allow its users to make transfers and payments to their accounts without having to go through the applications of its various banks. In this context, Sharepay, which has developed a solution to share expenses with several people in real time, will enable Linxo to offer a more complete offer to its customers in terms of payment.

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Hugues Pisapia and Bruno Van Haetsdaele, founders of Linxo. Credits: Linxo.

How much did GAFAM spend on R&D in 2017? In total, GAFAM spent $ 70.9 billion on R&D over the past year.

Why this is important: According to FactSet data taken from Recode, Amazon appears at the top of the list with an envelope of 22.6 billion dollars dedicated to R&D during the past year, or 41% more compared to 2016 when Jeff Bezos’ firm already occupied the first place. Behind Amazon, Alphabet, its first pursuer, is far behind with only 16.6 billion dollars spent on R&D. Intel closes the step on the podium with an envelope of 13.1 billion dollars dedicated to R&D in 2017. Microsoft (12.3 billion dollars) and Apple (11.6 billion dollars) complete the Top 5, which weighs a total of $ 76.2 billion. For its part, Facebook increased its R&D spending by 32% to $ 7.8 billion.

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Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin. Credits: Blue Origin.