[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 04/09

by bold-lichterman

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TL; DR (constant acronym) (21st century) : initials of “Too long; didn’t read “,
either literally ” too long ; not read ”
1. (Internet) To express that the message that was sent was not read because it was too long
2. (Internet) To express that the following is a summary of the text too long

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SenseTime raises $ 600 million to put artificial intelligence at the service of facial recognition. This round of funding values ​​the unicorn beyond 3 billion dollars, which constitutes a world record for a start-up in artificial intelligence.

Why this is important: Founded in 2014, SenseTime develops facial recognition technology that can identify people or cars on the street as well as in public places. The device designed by the Chinese unicorn relies on artificial intelligence to analyze images from surveillance cameras to compare them with identity photos. In artificial intelligence, China wants to hold out against the United States to become the leader in the sector. Beijing unveiled in July 2017 a national development plan in favor of artificial intelligence so that the sector generates more than $ 20 billion by 2020 and nearly $ 60 billion by 2025. At the end of March, Emmanuel Macron for his part announced a plan of 1.5 billion euros for France to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence.

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Billionaire George Soros’ fund will launch into cryptocurrency. Soros Fund Management is endowed with $ 26 billion.

Why this is important: Billionaire George Soros seems to have changed his mind about cryptocurrency. After calling them a “bubble”, his investment fund is finally preparing to enter the round. According to information obtained by Bloomberg, Adam Fisher, who oversees macro-investments at Soros Fund Management, obtained authorization to trade cryptocurrencies a few months ago. For the moment, he would not have initiated an investment.

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E.Leclerc saves WineAdvisor from compulsory liquidation. The distributor bought the start-up at the helm of the court.

Why this is important: The WineAdvisor application was created in 2014. Despite its 700,000 downloads and more than 595,000 users worldwide, it was at the helm of the court that E. Leclerc acquired the start-up which risked judicial liquidation as revealed Le Figaro.

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YouTube and Google accused of collecting data on children for advertising purposes. It is forbidden to create an account on YouTube before the age of 13.

Why this is important: Several American associations believe that YouTube and Google, its parent company, engage in illegal practices, by collecting the personal information of minors on the video platform to target advertisements. In this context, 23 organizations for the defense of digital rights and the protection of children have filed a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the American gendarme in charge of the protection of personal data.

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