[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 04/07

by bold-lichterman

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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0407

Airbnb: inflatable mattresses, billions and controversies. In ten years, the American platform has revolutionized tourist rental, to the chagrin of the hotel sector and many tourist cities. AFP.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0407
Credit: Daniel Krason Shutterstock

Why this is important: At the end of 2007, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia had an idea to help them pay their rent: rent their inflatable mattresses and turn their apartment into a “Bed and Breakfast” (“B n ‘B”) during a convention in San Francisco. , which then lacks hotel rooms to meet demand. In 2011, Airbnb claimed a presence in 89 countries and more than a million overnight reservations. The start-up continues to attract investors and joins the club of “unicorns”, these unlisted companies exceeding one billion dollars in valuation. Gradually, Airbnb is starting to face a growing rebellion from municipalities (Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​etc.) and hoteliers, who are worried about seeing private accommodation turning de facto into hotels, depriving residents of accommodation, encouraging speculation real estate and creating a shortfall for the traditional hotel sector. Today, Airbnb says it offers 4.5 million accommodations in 81,000 cities in 191 countries.

Fake news: the platforms must have a legal representative in France. The LREM amendment was voted on Tuesday evening in the National Assembly as part of the bill on fake news. AFP.

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Credit: Shutterstock

Why this is important: Naïma Moutchou, author of the amendment and lawyer by profession, greeted on Twitter “a major step forward for the accountability of platforms that will have to cooperate and submit to legal proceedings in France“. “In view of the general interest attached to the fight against the dissemination of false information and so-called odious content, this amendment obliges platform operators to appoint from among them a legal representative in charge of the functions of referent against these illicit activities in order to strengthen the relationships between the competent public authorities and online platforms», According to the description of the measure.

Chinese internet giant Baidu is starting production of its autonomous minibuses. The CEO of “Chinese Google” announced at a conference in Beijing, the release of the 100th vehicle from the production line. AFP.

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Credit: Baidu

Why this is important: Designed in collaboration with the Chinese bus manufacturer King Long, the minibuses are expected to be used soon in tourist sites, airports and in several cities, such as Beijing, Canton and Shenzhen (south). In 2019, these Baidu vehicles should also be deployed in Japan, in nuclear power plants, or in Tokyo for the transport of elderly people. These autonomous minibuses will be “level 4”, that is to say without the driver in an enclosed space.

Elise Technologies is raising 1.3 million euros to help advertisers increase the impact of their poster campaigns. The company wants to prepare for its international expansion, particularly in the United Kingdom.

1605285560 367 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0407
Credits: Elise Technologies.

Why this is important: Elise Technologies aims to make outdoor advertising social and interactive. To do this, the company has launched an intelligent social wall that allows millions of social media posts to be evaluated in real time to highlight the most engaging interactions on digital screens located in high-traffic places, such as shopping centers, train stations and airports. To date, Elise Technologies has more than 110 customers, including Adidas, Renault, L’Oréal, Google, LVMH, AccorHotels Nintendo and Heineken. This funding round should enable the company to support its growth in France and prepare for its international expansion, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Three Shades of Cloud for the State’s Digital Transformation Strategy. The government distinguishes between different degrees of data sensitivity and does not refrain from using international providers. AFP.

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Mounir Mahjoubi at lift conference 7 Jul 2011. CC BY 2.0

Why this is important: For the most sensitive government data, the government has chosen a “state cloud», Which will be managed by the State itself, on servers belonging to it. This system accessible to all ministries should be operational “by July 2019“, According to the entourage of the Secretary of State for digital, Mounir Mahjoubi. It will be based on the “convergence“Of three systems of”cloud“Currently in the process of being set up in the Ministries of the Interior, the Economy and Finance, and the Ministry of Ecology,” the same source said. For less sensitive data and applications, the State will use a “dedicated cloud“. This will be managed by an external service provider, but on machines exclusively dedicated to this use. The government would like to launch the call for tenders for this dedicated cloud by the end of 2018.

Automation Anywhere raises $ 250 million to gain traction in the RPA market. The American publisher develops software to automate the repetitive tasks of employees within companies.

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Ankur Kothari, co-founder of Automation Anywhere. Credits: Automation Anywhere.

Why this is important: According to Gartner, the RPA application market could represent a revenue of $ 1 billion in 2020, with an adoption rate of up to 40% among large enterprises. The latter favor these new tools insofar as a robotic application is able to work day and night, without breaks, costs less and does not make any mistakes. Among its customers, Automation Anywhere includes Cisco, Google and Siemens. This financing should enable the company to strengthen its presence in North America, South America, India, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. By increasing its international strike force, the American publisher intends to consolidate its positioning in the RPA applications market.

From 2019, mobile use will exceed that of TV in the United States. Next year, mobile phones should take over television with a consumption of 3:43 a day compared to 3:42 for TV.

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Credit: Josep Suria / Shutterstock

Why this is important: According to eMarketer’s predictions, in 2018, American adults will spend almost 3.5 hours per day watching television, more time than for any other medium. But this time spent is already decreasing. It was at 4:37 in 2012. But all is not won for mobile. eMarketer believes that usage will peak soon and that usage should start to peak in a few years.