[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 03/27

by bold-lichterman

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TL; DR (invariable acronym) (21st century): initials of “too long; didn’t read “,
or literally “too long; not read ”
1. (Internet) To express that the message that was sent was not read because it was too long.
2. (Internet) To express that the following is a summary of the text too long.

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Unique alliance between Monoprix and Amazon Prime Now. Monoprix food products will be offered to Amazon Prime Now customers in Paris and its inner suburbs.

Why this is important: The American giant has finally found the partner he was looking for in France and his choice fell on Monoprix. The brand’s products will be available on the application and the Amazon Prime Now site through a dedicated virtual store. Asked this morning at the microphone ofEurope 1 on the commercial conditions behind this agreement, Régis Schultz, president of Monoprix, was satisfied to answer that “the condition we have set is to have a profitable economic model, and this is the case“.

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Cisco releases $ 50 million over 5 years to end the homelessness crisis in Silicon Valley. This money is intended for “Destination: Home”, an organization that works to provide permanent housing to the homeless in Silicon Valley.

Why this is important: This donation is intended to support “Destination: Home” in implementing its five-year plan to reduce the number of homeless people in Santa Clara County. According to a survey by Santa Clara County, the homeless population in the county was 7,394 people in 2017. Since the implementation of the “Destination: Home” plan in 2015, Santa Clara County has permanently accommodated 5,154 people, according to the organization’s latest report.

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Back Market sets out to conquer the American market. The French start-up is developing a marketplace for refurbished electronic products.

Why this is important: The arrival of the French start-up in the United States is part of its strategy to “become the global benchmark for the refurbished market“. To accelerate its international development, Back Market completed a funding round of 7 million euros in May 2017. To date, the company claims more than 500,000 customers.

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From left to right: Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Vianney Vaute and Quentin Le Brouster. Credits: Back Market.

Uber’s self-driving cars now banned in Arizona. A decision that follows the fatal accident last week in Arizona.

Why this is important: The accident killed a 49-year-old woman. In a letter to Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, the governor describes the video as ” disturbing “And” alarming “. Several entities, including the Tempe Police Department, have decided to launch an investigation. For now, the opprobrium seems mostly cast on Uber, more than on the self-driving car industry in general. Indeed, an investigation by New York Times published last Friday revealed that Uber’s autonomous driving program was already raising questions internally, before the Tempe crash.

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