[TL;DR] Tech news that you shouldn’t miss this 03/20

by bold-lichterman

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TL; DR (invariable acronym) (21st century): initials of “too long; didn’t read “,
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TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0320

N26 raises $ 160 million to launch in the United States. The German mobile bank claims more than 850,000 customers in 17 European countries.

Why this is important: To date, mobile banking has processed more than 9 billion euros in transaction volume and plans to exceed the 13 billion euros mark in 2018 alone. This financing should allow N26 to put itself in order. size to deploy in the United States. The official launch is scheduled for next June with the opening of an office in New York. Besides the United States, mobile banking is also planning to launch in the United Kingdom before the end of the year. N26 is targeting 5 million customers by the end of 2020.

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Credits: N26.

Everything you need to know about the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. The British company is accused of having siphoned off the personal data of 30 to 50 million Facebook users, out of the 2 billion in the social network.

Why this is important: Already sanctioned economically, with its action which fell by nearly 7% on Monday on Wall Street, a loss of about $ 30 billion in a few hours, Facebook must also expect repercussions to the international scale. Already called upon to explain himself to Congress in the United States, Mark Zuckerberg was also summoned to London by a British parliamentary committee. For its part, Downing Street considers the first accusations revealed by the press “very worrying“. In the wake of the English capital, Brussels has also taken up the case by bringing together the authorities responsible for data protection in the European Union today. In the turmoil, Facebook, not very talkative since the revelations of the Guardian and New York Times, organized an emergency meeting at its Menlo Park headquarters.

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Credits: Facebook.

Eight Roads Ventures launches a fund of 375 million dollars to support scale-ups. The structure plans to invest in around twenty high potential scale-ups in Europe and Israel.

Why this is important: This new European fund mainly targets high-growth start-ups located in the software, e-commerce, FinTech and connected health sectors. Within the companies selected by the London team of Eight Roads Ventures, the fund will inject tickets between 10 and 30 million dollars. With such fundraising power, Eight Roads Ventures doesn’t just want to create unicorns, so sought after and admired in Europe. The venture capital company wants to go further by bringing out European giants whose valuation exceeds 10 billion dollars in valuation.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0320
Credits: Eight Roads Ventures.

Voice: Soon you will be able to make purchases through the Google Assistant. The deployment will be done gradually, via smartphone and three companies to start.

Why this is important: The exact date of the provision of this service has not been disclosed. But it should not be long since the brand is talking about a new course which will arrive ” very soon “. The service will open with Oui.SNCF, Fnac and Sephora. Eventually, Google plans that its smart assistant will also be available in France on Wear OS by Google (its operating system dedicated to connected watches, formerly called Android Wear), Android TV and Android Car, not to mention the devices that will be developed by third parties: connected headphones, speakers, etc.

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Energy, 6 million euros to help communities and manufacturers to better control their energy consumption. The company plans to open its first international offices.

Why this is important: The company has designed a platform that allows its customers to map their energy expenditure. To do this, it collects, analyzes and processes their multi-fluid data (electricity, gas, water, compressed air, etc.) which is made reliable and returned through dashboards. Backed by this round table, Energisme intends to accelerate its development to launch its solution beyond the borders of France. This first step will be followed by a more substantial round table which should take place before the end of the year to establish itself on the European market.

TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 0320
Credits: Energism.

The HR Badakan application acquires its competitor Helloextra. Badakan wants to move quickly in a consolidating market.

Why this is important: Things are moving on the side of recruitment applications. Badakan, a platform that digitizes temporary workers in the hotel and catering sector, announces the acquisition of Helloextra, its competitor based in Lyon. At the end of 2017, Badakan raised 2 million euros. The company now wants to focus on its development and intends to work with Victor Penhoat, founder of Helloextra, to open around thirty cities. Today, the Badakan company is present in Paris, Lille and Lyon. By integrating Helloextra into its platform, Badakan explains that it is increasing its database to 4,000 professionals.

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From left to right: Bruno Calvo and Benjamin Leiba, co-founders of Badakan and Victor Penhoat, founder of Helloextra. Credits: Badakan.