Time Warner invests in Kamcord, a “mobile games Twitch”

by bold-lichterman

Faced with the success of Periscope, the applications of live streaming Are they starting to worry media groups who see it as new competition for their traditional broadcasting networks? Time Warner has just invested in the American start-up Kamcord, as part of a round of funding of 10 million dollars (approximately 8.8 million euros) in which other investors, including the Chinese group Tencent, participated, according to Re / code. This transaction would value the company at $ 100 million.

Founded in 2012, Kamcord is developing a mobile application allowing its users to broadcast their “mobile life”. Concretely: share live the screen of their smartphone. This technology is of particular interest to fans of mobile games who see it, like Twitch for consoles and PCs, a tool for sharing their gaming sessions. Some offer to watch their parts of Clash Royale, one of the new opuses of Supercell (at the origin of Clash of Clan), or even Minecraft.

Revenue sharing

But beyond games, the service can work to live stream other apps. In addition, other functions are available. Each user can subscribe to other users’ accounts and receive notifications to be notified of an upcoming live broadcast. It is also possible to chat live with a broadcaster during each session and a section grouping together the rising topics (the “trending topics”) is available.

From an economic point of view, Kamcord has developed a partnership system with the most popular “streamers”, which is based on revenue sharing from donations that users can give to their favorite broadcasters. “Our partners earn a share of the total revenue from donations they receive”, we can read on the company website.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos