Tiller Systems wants to bury cash registers and digitize businesses

by bold-lichterman

“We estimate that we can save traders 10 hours a week in automated time,” explains to Frenchweb Dimitri Farber, co-founder of Tiller Systems. This Parisian start-up has set itself the objective of replacing the traditional cash registers of physical points of sale with a fully digital management platform.

Based mainly on an iPad application, the solution allows you to take orders (for a cafe or a restaurant for example) and to collect customers – payments are then made via an iZettle box. In addition, Tiller also provides analysis and activity monitoring tools to measure turnover, the average customer basket amount, or obtain an overview of sales in real time or on an hourly basis. Other services, such as the management of employee schedules, are also available. Each time, the objective remains the same: to digitize and centralize everything that was previously done on paper, or on different software.

“It is estimated that cash registers on tablets (…) are less than 3% of the market today,” explains Dimitri Farber. What attracts other players who are also positioned in this sector, such as Wynd. For its part, Tiller now claims more than 800 traders using its technology in eight countries. And to accelerate, the company raised 4 million euros in April from 360 Capital Partners. It provides for around 100 recruitments over the next twelve months.

Interview with Dimitri Farber, co-founder of Tiller Systems:

Founders: Josef Bovet, Vincent Oliveira, Dimitri Farber and Scott Gordon

Creation: 2014

The head office : Paris

Funding: € 4 million raised in April 2016

Activity: point of sale management platform

Competitor: Wynd

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