TikTok, facial recognition …: the European regulator gives the alert

by bold-lichterman

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) on Wednesday announced it was looking into the practices of the social network TikTok and warned against the use by European police forces of Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology. The European regulator, which held its 31st plenary session, announced its “Decision to set up a team to coordinate potential actions and gain a more complete view of TikTok practices in the EU”. With its short videos, this Chinese ByteDance platform popular with young adolescents was already growing before the pandemic. She gained further popularity during confinement, now rallying many adults.

German MEP Moritz Körner (Liberal Renew) expressed concern over the data collection methods of this social network, which in 2019 was fined by the US trade regulator, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of $ 5.7 million for illegally collecting personal data from minors. In addition, about the facial recognition technology of the American company Clearview AI, the EDPB said “share” the concerns of MEPs on “ some developments “.

Incompatible with the European data regime

The European regulator considers that “The use of a service like Clearview AI by police authorities in the European Union risks, as it stands, not being compatible with the European data protection regime”. In February, the Canadian regulator announced that it had launched an investigation into the federal police’s use of Clearview AI technology. Facial recognition is used more and more by police forces and customs officers around the world, but also to “identify” people on social networks or unlock smartphones and cars.

The New York Times in January devoted a survey to the American startup Clearview AI explaining that the latter has developed a tool that has enabled it to create a database, from the copy of more than 3 billion images on social networks , without the consent of their owners. More than six hundred police departments have started using the tool, according to the daily.