Tiki’mee or how to try to regain control of your online image

by bold-lichterman

Tiki’Labs has been a specialist since 2006 in interfaces and new uses on the Internet and on mobile devices. Very R&D oriented, the start-up is at the origin of several innovative consumer products such as a simplified tactile input keyboard in 2009 (TikiNotes) and a tactile mobile internet browser (TikiSurf). Tiki’Labs obtained the OSEO excellence label in 2011.

Tikimee or how to try to regain control of yourTiki’Labs has just launched a personal curation platform on the Internet for professionals: Tiki’mee. The general idea is to try to regain control of what engines like Google offer on the first page of a search about you by aggregating in one place the information you actually want to share. The concentration of personal content should make your gallery rise in the first results of search engines. You can add social networks and documents to your page, among others.

A premium service at € 20 / year (€ 10 / year at launch) also allows you to import your own presentations, PDFs or images.

Interview and demo with Xavier Paulik, CEO of Tiki’labs.