Thomas Le Guyader (Smart Traffik): “Faced with Amazon, Cdiscount and others, retailers must offer seamless shopper paths”

by bold-lichterman

Smart Traffik is an omnichannel solutions publisher that deploys the digital strategy to increase point-of-sale revenue. Established in France and the United States, Smart Traffik intends to offer the most complete Web-to-Store solution on the market.

FrenchWeb: For what reasons Smart Traffik is a unified customer journey expert?

Thomas Le Guyader, CEO and co-founder of Smart Traffik: Laurent SIMONIN, Emmanuel ISNARD, Yann GILQUIN and I founded Smart Traffik in 2012 with the ambition of enriching the shopper journey and the business of our customers. We then shared the vision that the digital world and the physical world could be brought together to meet the new demands of the “consumer actor”.

Digital disruption and in particular the rise of e-commerce have led retailers and brands to undergo profound changes to adapt to new consumer habits. Through the omnichannel solutions in SaaS mode that we have developed, we are thus reshaping the customer purchasing journey of the 130 brands and retailers that we support in 114 countries by building a bridge between online and offline.

The hyper-connected customer requires more attention, privileges, recognition… by establishing a seamless customer relationship, distribution players now have the power to create links with their customers. This more than positively impacts traffic and in-store sales.

What is the ambition of Smart Traffik?

Our primary ambition has always been to provide consumers with a memorable and fluid experience through all points of contact, before, during and after the act of purchase. This is why we provide brands and retailers with tools to optimize the customer journey such as Multicasting, Store Locator, Click and Collect or even making appointments. Furthermore, these are technological initiatives “user-friendly»Which recorded a high rate of adoption by distribution players, their employees and end customers.

657dda42-cdbf-42cb-9c6a-fd77e4e8bda1-largeTo go further in innovation, Smart Traffik is developing data collection and analysis to provide a more precise picture of the consumer purchasing journey, and to extract strong trends. Brands and retailers will then have the opportunity to offer their customers an even more personalized and contextualized experience, to identify new points of contact, to increase its engagement rate or to expand its service offering. We will be able to advise and support our partners in this innovative approach.

To support our development in France and internationally, and accelerate Research and Development programs, in 2017 we raised 3.5 million euros from CM-CIC Capital Privé and Alliance Entreprendre. Following the opening of an office in Chicago in 2016, this capital reinforcement allows Smart Traffik to extend its web-to-store expertise to the German, Spanish and Italian markets.

By 2018, we have organic and external growth ambitions: international development, development of the client portfolio, technological acquisition program to expand our expertise in predictive commerce and location-based advertising. About fifteen recruitments are also planned to accelerate / develop our R&D.

What are the major trends that you observe in your sector, what innovations are expected?

Digital has revolutionized consumer behavior: customers are in constant search of wonder, innovation … Within the purchasing journey it is possible to integrate innovative products or services, which will require one or more of their senses, to leave in the mind a positive and pleasant memory, an emotion.

In order to be successful in the face of market giants such as Amazon or Cdiscount, retailers / brands must reinvent themselves to adapt to the new behaviors of the hyper-connected consumer and thus offer seamless shopping paths between on and the offline.

In this golden age of the consumer actor, the distribution sector is therefore experiencing a real revolution in which it is necessary to break the border that exists between digital and physical, we then speak of “Phygitalization”.

Many perspectives are open to best support the consumer in his purchasing journey and the brands / brands in this transformation: geolocation, enhancing the transversality of the customer experience, predicting consumer uses, ultra-personalization of relationships and the offer …

It is clear that the collection and analysis of data throughout the purchasing journey of each individual is indeed one of the essential issues for customer knowledge. In order to optimize the purchasing process, physical points of sale are thus starting to acquire measurement and analysis systems, as e-merchants are already doing. Measuring store traffic, knowing which departments have attracted the most consumers, identifying peaks in footfall… being able to intelligently use this data offers the opportunity to create a unique customer experience and optimize conversion rates.

Smart Traffik is already supporting 130 retailers and brands – or 106,000 points of sale connected to our technology – in the deployment of their omnichannel strategy. Smart Traffik solutions are used in 114 countries by more than 13 million consumers who want a seamless shopping experience.

The web-to-store leader, offering the most complete solution on the market. Synergistic teams capable of combining the best of both worlds: digital and retail. A deployment without borders, providing tailor-made solutions to meet all of your needs. Expertise at all times, supporting you in the implementation and use of your tools. Long-term support and the assurance of an R&D department on the move.