This robot made in Lorraine that caught the eye of Google

by bold-lichterman

14 years old and already a distinction. Eliott Sarrey, originally from Maron near Nancy, won the “Incubator” prize of the Google Science Fair in the 13-15 year old category. Of the ten projects selected, and thousands of projects sent, it was his robot gardener called “Bot2Karot”, controlled via the smartphone, which won over the jury. He won 10,000 dollars and scientific support for a year.

Is Google interested in the gardening of the future? In an article published this summer, a British biologist noticed the importance of research on the subject in the search engine in 2004. Ten years later, the trend is less, but the searches that appear in Google Trends show an attraction for “wildlife”And a probable return of city dwellers to a“ greener ”way of life. What to occupy the next versions of Bot2Karot in the coming years.

In 2008, Google launched the operation “The Growing connectionAnd had installed a vegetable garden at its Mountain View headquarters. At the time, Google wanted to show its interest in the environment and in food accessible to all with an “organic garden”. “Our vision is to inspire the world to see food choices and experiences as a way to build more sustainable lifestyles and communities,” said further in 2014 Michiel Bakker, Director of Global Food Services at Google.

Credit: Youttube, Google Science Fair