Think start-up, instructions for use with Loic Le Meur

by bold-lichterman

90% of French start-ups fail, according to the 1001startups site. Despite this alarming finding, more and more young entrepreneurs are trying their luck. To help them in their entrepreneurial adventure, Loïc Le Meur, co-founder of Le Web and Seesmic, offers a few lines of thought in his presentation “How to think like a start-up”.

Create an environment to stimulate creativity, want to improve the world, be bold enough to reinvent a model or even demonstrate its speed, both in product design and in results, these are most of Loïc Le Meur’s advice for young shoots on the road to success. The French entrepreneur relies on concrete examples, such as the Uber and Airbnb platforms which broke the rules in force, to the point of being considered illegal when they were launched.

REVIEW: the interview with Loïc Le Meur, conducted by FrenchWeb, in January 2017

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