These start-ups that are tackling expense management

by bold-lichterman

Lunch, transport, hotels … When employees advance expenses for professional reasons, they generally prefer to be reimbursed quickly rather than having to wait until the end of the month. This is what the American start-up offers Abacus. With its application, employees send their expense reports directly to the responsible department. To do this, they fill in the essential information (name of the merchant, amount, etc.) then photograph the proof, or transfer the invoices received by email in the case of purchases on the Internet. Then, the managers just have to validate the expenses to trigger a reimbursement operation.

Reimburse expenses quickly

Still in this perspective of professional expense management, the platform also synchronizes the pool of credit cards, distributed among the various employees of a company, in order to obtain an overview in real time. It is also possible for employers to establish rules, to set limit amounts for certain expenses, for example. The application can also integrate with the company’s compatibility software. On the economic model side, Abacus markets its offer in the form of a service at $ 5 per month for each active user.

To meet the needs of his customers, the founder of Abacus announcement in TechCrunch that the start-up experiment with refunds for users who are not part of the company. This is for example the case of companies that reimburse the costs incurred by candidates for a job offer.

Cleemy or Clic and Tag in France

In France, some companies have also decided to launch solutions on the market aimed at facilitating the reimbursement of expense reports. This is for example the case of Cleemy, published by Lucca, a company specializing in the automation of tasks in the human resources sector. “Companies must pay a subscription which varies depending on the number of users reporting expense claims. For a company of about 100 employees, Cleemy’s service will cost 2 to 3,000 euros per year“, explained the co-founder in the columns of Frenchweb in January. MisterGoodDeal or PriceMinister are for example among its customers.

Other actors like Click and Tag also offer expense report management applications, with alert systems in the event that authorized amounts are exceeded and a dashboard summarizing expenses in real time. This is also the case with Birdly which offers to synchronize the expense reports with the appointments set in the calendars.

Other actor, Expensya also offers to process the notes by e-mail or photographed using a telephone. The application also allows direct communication with accounting departments or managers.

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