The web winners of the Humanitech Challenge 2012

by bold-lichterman

On Friday April 13, La Cantine in Paris hosted the final of the 4th edition of Humanitech Challenge, competition aimed at supporting students in the implementation of humanitarian actions.

The web winners of the Humanitech Challenge 2012Two projects in the “Telecoms & Information exchange” category stand out.

The No More Wasting project was named the winner in this category. Developed by students in the MIAGE Master (Computer Methods Applied to Business Management) from Toulouse, it is a decision support tool. This aims to register in the information system of all supermarkets, and would allow distributors to no longer throw away food items, whose expiration date has almost passed.

The Voice Smart Access project caught the jury’s attention. Its objective is to provide a solution for vocally deficient people so that they can, like everyone else, have a telephone conversation or even face-to-face. The starting point is an Android application which has already been developed and which should be improved by the carriers of the idea. This application already exists on google play.