The weaknesses of Free’s mobile internet pointed out

by bold-lichterman

Despite the public’s enthusiasm for the telephone offers of Free, the quality of its mobile internet access remains to be desired. This is what the study of Directique cabinet for Capital, which made “3,692 attempts to download a 2-megabyte file with the MobiSpeed ​​application” and made “2,500 calls to the messengers of the four operators. “

The weaknesses of Frees mobile internet pointed out

The first test showed that Free Mobile had a speed 7 to 10 times lower than its competitors, or 0.25 megabits per second against 1.85 Mbit / s for Sosh and 2.54 for Bouygues. However, according to Capital, we would observe a slight progress phone calls or “the failure rate of calls has dropped from 46% to 2.9% between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. and from 32% to 2.4% overall.”

In response to the publication of this study, Free told AFP “that there are big doubts about the methodology” and that for voice, Free would be at the same level as its competitors.

Finally, the download operated for file transfers failed once in ten, against a failure rate of 1% among other operators.

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Arrived on the market in January, Free had already attracted 2.6M subscribers two months later but had accused some problems of territory coverage. The operator is currently launching a new poster campaign highlighting its first prize in the Customer Relations podium TNS Sofres / BearingPoint, obtained on June 6. Moreover, according to the information on the site The echoes, which cite Arcep’s thoughts, Free Mobile could benefit from new 4G frequencies.