The UFC-Que Choisir attacks so-called “unlimited” mobile offers

by bold-lichterman

In one communicated press release published today, the UFC-Que Choisir association announced that it is suing the 10 main French telecoms operators for “unfair terms” concerning their so-called “unlimited” mobile offers.

The UFC Que Choisir attacks so called unlimited mobile offers

Among the ten operators denounced: Free Mobile, Bouygues (B & you), Orange (Sosh) and several MVNO’s such as Virgin Mobile, La Poste Mobile, and Prixtel. UFC-Que Choosing their criticism of offering packages with unlimited calls in theory, but limited in practice, such as Numericable whose “unlimited” offer was limited to 14 hours of calling.

As a reminder: the UFC denounced already last February the unlimited offers of operators.